Ruby virtual meetup collaboration

Hi all,

Mat here, I’m one of the organisers of ROROSyd and wanted to float an idea out there.

As we’ve all been largely kept indoors these days most of the meetups have gone online, some may have continued on while others might have lost some velocity and been postponed due to low numbers.

The Idea

In an effort to build a little cross country bonding and to bring a larger audience to our speakers the idea is that maybe we try and merge virtual meetups as a once off (to trial it) and then if goes well maybe we could have them more regularly. I’ve heard this idea mentioned a few times in various places (Elixir Sydney, I’m looking at you :eyes:), so I’m not really breaking any new ground here but I wanted to see if this had any momentum at all amongst the RubyAU community.

I’m yet to work out what this looks like exactly, hence the discourse.

The first step I think is to see if anyone is interested:
Ruby AU meetup organisers, would you be interested in trialling this out?

I’m keen to hear if anyone has any ideas around what this could look like too, all ideas are welcome.


Can confirm that the “Elixir Australia” event that we held was very well received. I think it’s pretty likely we’ll do it again.

Thanks Paul. I’m glad that was the case!

Yes we will love to do this (I say this as a Melb Ruby org)