# Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 17th July 2018 Minutes

Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 17th July 2018


  • Matt Stevenson (MS)
  • Nick Wolf (NW)
  • Toby Nieboer (TN)
  • Ryan Bigg (RB)
  • Rochelle LeQuesne (RL)
  • Lachlan Hardy (LH)


  • Caitlin Palmer-Bright (CP)
  • Sharon Vaughan (SV)

Grants (Sharon)

TN: Sharon gave me an update that she’s trying to get in touch with Namibia to get a handover.

Code of Conduct (Toby)

TN: We can actually close this one off. It’s all live on ruby.org.au. I think we’ve covered everything. I might open source it on the github repo so people can submit pull requests.

Sponsorship update (Rachelle)

RL: We’ve got 3 Emerald. Another company will be making a decision in October and we’ve got some smaller level interest as well.

TN: It seems that Another Company is expressing some interest in Ruby. We do need to decide about what we would do about booths at RubyConf if we have no Ruby level sponsors. Do we filter benefits down to lower level memberships?

NW: If we do this, when do we want to decide it? How long do we want to wait to see if anyone steps forward as a Ruby Sponsor?

TN: I think we’d want to give some early notice, before October to let sponsors know. We’ll just have to see what happens with this company.

NW: Have we ever had anyone upgrade their sponsorship mid year?

RL: I’d be hesitant to start filtering down just because we have no Ruby sponsor, because where does it place us for next year?

LH: Yeah, you devalue the level and everyone knows that if it happens again every year you never get Ruby level sponsors.

TN: I think that makes a very good cause for not filtering down benefits.

Website redesign (Matt)

MS: I’ve done a handover with Ana and looking over what the objectives of the redesign are. I just need to look into Tachyons as well. If anyone has input or context, let me know. I’d like to increase the test coverage as well.

NW: I remember Ana talking about doing a website focused hack night. That’s a good option if it feels right for you.

MS: I’ll have a look at whether that’s needed. Do we have a timeline on when it’s needed? Maybe a rough runthrough in 2 months time?

TN: Yeah, that’d be good.

Events (Lachlan)

LH: No current updates on events at the moment. It’s easy because Toby is organising all of them anyway.

Documentation (Toby/Lachlan)

LH: I don’t have any updates on this at the moment, but I’ll be able to do some more on this next month.

TN: I’ll probably have to bow out of this particular task as my workload has grown.

RubyConf 2019 (Caitlin/Sharon/Toby)

TN: It’s going to be on the 7-8th of Feb at the Forum. We could potentially sell out of tickets given the Forum capacity. We might also use the venue for the closing party. We’re just discussing the costs for catering. The next step is for us to work on invited speakers and CFP.

NW: Who are the current volunteers?

TN: Toby, Sharon, Caitlin, Pat, Sam and Phil.

RL: Are those dates public?

TN: Not yet, but we should be able to announce soon.

Survey on why people attend (Lachlan)

LH: No updates on this at the moment.

RailsCamp 24 (Caitlin/Toby)

TN: We have two venues and we just need to nail down some details. I personally like the Hobart one more.

NW: Is that the one that Ruby Australia has been to before?

TN: No, that’s the other one. It all depends on budget.

Memberships (Nick)

NW: I’d like the option to meet up with someone to bounce ideas off for the benefits we’d provide members.

LH: I’m happy to help with that.

New RailsGirls Melbourne

NW: Sharon raised that others are doing similar events and we should be running them ourselves.

TN: Rachelle I think Sharon is planning to coordinate with you to make sure that it all works.

RL: We always try to run it a week after Installfest, the next Installfest in Melbourne is on August the 9th.

TN: Which would mean we’d be aiming for August the 16th, which is probably too short notice.

RL: We normally hold installfests 3 months apart which would be November.

TN: So we could have it just after Camp, use Camp to promote RailsGirls, use RailsGirls to promote RubyConf. I’ll take the action to discuss a November RailsGirl with Sharon

RFC Proposal

TN: So Anton messaged myself and Nick advising that the meeting minutes were published but it was not clear if the proposal for RFCs was accepted. He just wanted clarification if it was accepted.

NW: Everyone was on board with it as a good optional extra way that people can communicate with the committee. The only statement was that we didn’t want to implement it in such a way that it’s going to make people less likely to submit their ideas to the committee.

TN: Looking at the internal minutes it seems we agreed to add it as an additional option, and say that we may at our discretion require an RFC for certain proposals.

TN: Is everyone comfortable that we now allow RFC as a possible way, and we can request one specifically if needed. Does anyone have any objections?

TN: No. Okay, we’ll publish that in the minutes and I’ll advise Anton it’s been approved.

Call for new items

Meeting closed.