New Meetup in Melbourne - Request for Expressions of Interest

Hey folks, I want to start a new meetup in Melbourne and want to see if people are interested before I waste time organising it.

The goal of the meetup is to watch conference talks together. After each talk we will have a break to discuss the presentations over the food and drinks. The talks will cover a wide range of software development topics (including Ruby and Rails specific).

The venue will be within CBD and probably the pub. I’m looking for venue with food, tables, projector and potentially drinks. I don’t have a specific place at this point.

For example

  • We meet at the pub at 5:30pm. You buy your own drinks and food.
  • At 6:00pm we watch the first talk (40min)
  • (20min) after the first presentation we’ll have a break to chat with people at the table about on the topic
  • (30min) we watch the second talk
  • (20min) another break
  • etc depending on the length, there will be 2-3 presentation per night
  • finish around 8pm

Important to note: the food and drinks won’t be sponsored and you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

Raise your voice, if we get many interested people there is a high chance it will happen. If you want to help as a co-host, we can make it even sooner.

Feel free to share your thoughts about format, propose venue or any suggestions.


  • In Melbourne: love it, I would be regular member
  • In Melbourne: maybe, not sure
  • In Melbourne: not for me
  • Not in Melbourne: I want that in my city
  • Not in Melbourne: not interested

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Although I would love this option, not sure I’d have the money to attend that regularly at the pub. And 2 talks is quite enough for me.

Same, not sure I’d be willing to spend money on dinner/drinks for a meetup (I’m on a slim budget at the moment).