Mentorship available

Hey everyone, I’m offering my time and knowledge for exchange with your time and knowledge.

What can I give you?

  • teach you pretty much anything related to Ruby or Rails, beginner to senior level
  • give you an intro into RubyAU committee to help you get started with your term
  • help you to write and publish a gem
  • profile and improve performance of your ruby application
  • my github and blog

What I’m looking for
I want to write more blog posts and looking for a content editor or anything that would help with my goal.

Send me a message or reply here.

Hi Anton,

I am from the UK and want to participate in the Ruby company and hopefully find work, do you know what some good steps would be please?

Do you know when the next Ruby meetup will be please?


Hi Crawford,

What city are you based in in Australia? The meetup groups for Brisbane/Melbourne/Sydney are below :slight_smile: