Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - October 20th 2020

Attendees: @quintrino, @Kieran, @radar, @Cueball_AU, @mat-button, @toby
Apologies: @leesheppard

Brief discussion of the necessity of a fourth general member. Constitution section 52 (1) seems to say that since we did not hold a resolution to determine the number of general members for the next year, we are by default obliged to remain with four.

The annual general meeting may by resolution decide the number of ordinary members of the Committee (if any) it wishes to hold office for the next year.

Nick: How were we tracking action items - a Trello board or something?
Kieran: Yes, but we didn’t use it. We’d just use the Google doc agenda linked to from the committee channel topic.
Mat: We’ll need to write up minutes from last month from the recording too.
Nick: What tools do we want to use? If there’s an existing Trello board, maybe we can revive that and archive old cards. I’m just keen to have something to track action items.
Mark: One alternative is to use GitHub and just post action items as issues.
Nick: How have you found that?
Mark: I’m no fan of the organisation but it tracks issues just fine. Realistically I’m agnostic.
Nick: So we have a few items to give people access to different accounts. I do want to have a chat with people individually and see what they want to get out of being on the committee.

RubyConf AU

Kieran: Brought up the prospect of an online-only conference.
Nick: Let’s see if we have any interest from anyone in running it.

Nick: We need to get this updated, specifically the committee page and associated changes.


Nick: We also need to get someone to take this on, but I will discuss that with you individually.

Action items

  • Get admin access to Trello board (Nick)
  • Give Nick admin access to forum (Toby)
  • Give Toby access to secretary account (Nick)
  • Update committee page (Toby to lead, members to write their own blurbs)
  • Discuss repo maintenance and rationalisation during catchup (Nick and Mark)
  • Give Toby your contact details (everyone else)
  • Nuke existing calendar invite and issue a new one (Toby)