Starting a new event

I wanted to check what would be the process if someone wanted to start a new event.

I’m thinking about starting Ruby book club, where those who are interested read maybe a few chapters of a book each month and then get together to discuss it. The first books I’d be looking at doing would be POODR (Timely with RubyConf) and Refactoring by Martin Fowler.

I’m not looking at it being long term, probably only a few months to cover a few books and then winding it down again unless someone else volunteers to keep it going.

Normally I’d speak the Events Committee Member except it’s me!

What would the next steps be?

I would contact owners of Ruby Meetup group to see if they okay to include your event in the group. Did you find the location?

On the idea of book club, that’s a good idea. Some thoughts on that:

I have a friend who started tech book club. They vote on what book to read, usually that would be old book with fundamentals. I think they meet every week or two and read one chapter out loud. Probably includes discussion during or after the reading. So there is no preparation needed, which helps with attendance. He loved it and already read many books which otherwise he wouldn’t have read.

Another thought about meetup which I’ve almost started the meetup in Brisbane, but had to move to Melbourne so had to cancel it. At the event you would watch conference talks and have a group discussion after. Pretty much little conference, but only with the best talks.

@quintrino After thinking about I could help you and co-host it if you end up organising it.

Happy for you to get up at RORO and mention it too.

I guess my main question is around reaching out to companies about using their venue? Do we have a list of people to reach out to or should I just hit up contact pages? I’m not even sure which places are in the CBD to aim for.

Teamsquare’s space is available again. You could also look for a pub with a back room or something similar.

Culture Amp might be interested in having you, depending on the details :slight_smile: But something like this I think I would be tempted to try find a cafe or library or something myself. Cafe would be great, I like the idea of chatting over tea or coffee, but of course it is up to you. Let me know if you want to chat about using Culture Amp as the space.