Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 17th September 2019


  • Pat Allan
  • Matt Stevenson
  • Rachael Goodenough
  • Sonya Corcoran
  • Caroline Bambrick
  • Ryan Biggs
  • Kieran Andrews


  • Cameo Langford

Committee Meeting Agenda
17th September 2019

1. Regular Business:
a. Finances (RB)
Ryan: Same as regular. Camp is getting closer so we’re getting more money in because of that. All tracking along fine. Nothing to report. I expect RubyConf money will be coming in soon. I’ve been working on the documentation for my handover at the AGM

b. RubyConf AU (RG)
Rache: We’ve locked in our KeyNote we should be in the position to do some social medias to release CFP soon. Booked in the state library for the closing party. The website is ready. So far so good.
Pat: Are you going to use PaperCall for CFP?
Rache: Yep.
Pat: I’m also excited for the Keynote
Rache: Me thank you for the referral, she’s lovely!
Pat: I love that it’s a secret and no one knows who we’re talking about.
Much sneaky laughing

c. Rails Camps (CL): 15-18 November
Pat: Is everyone on the call going to be there?
Rache: I think I will be in Brisbane, but if not I’ll be there.
Pat: It will be lovely to get everyone along!

d. Rails Girls (SC)
Sox: You went to Rails Girls Melb, Rache?
Rache: Yep it was good, I’ve volunteered to help Sharon with the next one.
Pat: Sox were you at the Sydney one?
Sox: Yep ran it with Angie. Yep had loads of mentors. Had about 20 people. It was a really lovely day. Nice mix.

2. Occasional Business
. Website (MS)
Matt: Probably been more you, Pat
Pat: You probably all noticed, the membership stuff has been rolled out. Now we send emails to everyone has attended a rails camp or a RubyConf in the last 4 years. And then promptly found bugs to fix. We have about 260 people who have signed up, I don’t know if all of the committee has signed up………….? And then sent an email out saying “Hey we have an AGM coming up”.
Matt: And we got it done in time.

a. Sponsorship (SC)
Sox: Yasss, so I just posted in the slack, we’ve got Envato, CultureAmp and Twilio confirmed. Just trying to get the final details on that and then pass on to Ryan. I’d like to thank Matt for sending on all the sponsor logos so we can start marketing.
Matt: Yeah no worries!

3. Irregular Business
. Follow-up: Altering Committee Meeting night (PA)
Pat: We talked about possibly changing the date. Tuesday still seems to be the most popular option. We’ll stick with Tuesdays for now. We’ll have some new faces in the committee in the next month. Do have some questions as to when the terms will end – aka do they serve 11 months or 12? We can revisit Tuesday nights with the new committee.

a. Follow-up: Membership Collation (PA)
Pat: Covered this with the website stuff.

b. Community Survey (CL)
Pat: We’ll have to check in with Cameo.

c. Meetup accounts (KA)
Kieran: No progress since last meeting.

d. Upcoming committee elections (PA)
i. President (Pat)
ii. Treasurer (Ryan)
iii. Secretary (Rache)
iv. General Members
Pat: We have elections for 5 x positions. I can not speak for anyone else. I am planning to stand again for President.
Ryan: “One more year. One more year!”
Pat: No expectation on anyone else, I’m not saying anyone else needs to make any commitments. No obligation. I’d love you to stick around. You’re all wonderful humans
Rache: If I don’t get outt’d then I’ll stick around, and I’ll work on a) remembering to do the minutes and do them faster.
Pat: If you know other people in the community who are interested, give them plenty of notice, don’t spring it on them like what I did with Caz
Sox: I wont be sticking around, I’m way over committed.
Matt: Probably same for me, but I’m here if you get stuck.
Pat: Thank you, it’s good to get some indication :blush:. This also means this could be the last meeting for the 3 x of you :frowning:. Maybe we can have one more meeting and then we do the changeover on the 1st of November.
Everyone: Cool.