# Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 18th Sept 2018 minutes

Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 18th Sept 2018


  • Matt Stevenson (MS)
  • Nick Wolf (NW)
  • Toby Nieboer (TN)
  • Caitlin Palmer-Bright (CP)
  • Sharon Vaughan (SV)
  • Ryan Bigg (RB)


  • Rochelle LeQuesne (RL)
  • Lachlan Hardy (LH)

Grants (Sharon)

SV: Things have been moving slowly. I’m pursuing things with LaunchVic to see if they are an option.

Sponsorship update (Rachelle)

TN: No updates on the potential Ruby company or other sponsors so far. It’s not a no yet from the potential Ruby sponsor.

CP: One person was quite unsure about whether a particular company was going to be able to sponsor us.

TN: We’ll wait from the Treasurer to confirm when he comes online, but if we don’t get more sponsors next year we’re potentially burning through everything we’ve got to keep events running.

Website redesign (Matt)

MS: I’ve made some good progress so far, I don’t have a demo just yet. Tailwind seems to be going well as a successor to tachyons. Rails 5.2 is happily installed and running, hopefully at the next one I should have the styles in place.

Events (Lachlan)

TN: For events we’re going well.

Documentation (Lachlan)

TN: No updates

RubyConf 2019 (Caitlin/Sharon/Toby)

CP: We’ve started selling tickets! Early bird tickets have started with a bang, but we still have a few left. Hopefully they’ll kick off soon. CFP is currently open for a few more weeks. We already have 78 CFPs so far. We’re also expecting a massive number of them on the final day.

NW: Who makes the decision?

CP: We’re still finalizing the list, but we’re also probably going to keep that list secret. We want to make sure people have finished their application and removed all identifying details before we put them to the deciding group.

Survey on why people attend (Lachlan)

NW: No updates

RailsCamp 24 (Caitlin/Toby)

CP: We’ve secured the dates despite a change over of ownership of the camp itself. We’ve made a number of ticket sales, but still plenty left available. We’ve already hit our minimum target.

New RailsGirls Melbourne

SV: Things are progressing well for our November event

Call for new items

Video for RubyConf 2019

TN: An attendee at RoRo comes from an AV background and he was helping with a conference, and he put me in touch with an organizer from that conference who was in charge of all the video capture and editing. He charges on a flat room per day cost, it’s relatively cheap, potentially with 2 cameras, wide and zoom, presenter slides. The organising committee for RubyConf is almost certainly going to go with them.

NW: From Memory there was a set amount above which we had to publicly announce our expenditure.

CP: Yes, but that was for outside events. I think the amount was $5000 as well, meaning this would be below the threshold anyway.

Meeting Closed.