Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 22nd October 2019

22nd October 2019

• Pat Allan
• Kieran Andrews
• Aaron Moodie
• Caroline Bambrick
• Ryan Biggs
• Sonya Corcoran
• Matt Stevenson

• Rachael Goodenough
• Cameo Langford
• Lee Sheppard

1. Welcome to the new committee members (PA)
Pat: Welcome to the October committee member meeting. Welcome to Aaron who is on the call, and to Lee who wasn’t able to make it. Thrilled to have both of you onboard.

2. Regular Business:
a. Finances (RB)
Ryan: Nothing much has changed since the AGM. Still have 144k in the bank. Everything else is smooth sailing.
Pat: I know we might have a bit more in the bank account because there has been something like 15 x RubyConf early bird tickets sold in the last few days.
Ryan: Oh and yes we will have sponsorship money coming through soon too.
b. RubyConf AU (RG)
Pat: Don’t have Rache on the call. It sounds like things are progressingly well. I know they are talking to other speakers. CFP is underway. Venue and the party location have been confirmed. Tickets are on sale. More than half of the early bird tickets are gone.
c. Rails Camps (CL)
Pat: Cameo also isn’t on the call. Looks like there will be about 60 or so people at the camp. Now the push is on to make sure there is talks and codes and all those kind of things
d. Rails Girls (SC)
Pat: No updates on Rails Girls, I believe it’s done for the year.

3. Occasional Business
. Website (MS)
Pat: It’s been Matt’s domain for the last year, Matt is no longer on the committee so we’ll need to see if someone else wants to take it on. I’m not sure if we need to have a dedicated person working on the website so we can talk about whether or not it’s just people jumping in or if it’s flexible.
a. Sponsorship (SC)
Sox: We have one new sponsor – Up which is going for Emerald, and more to be announced.
Pat: Thanks for your work Sox. You’ve done some great stuff. We’ll have to take point on that and work out who picks it up from here.

4. Irregular Business
. AGM Results (PA)
Pat: Yeah the AGM happened, how did you all find it?
Lee: Yeah I thought it went well. There was some feedback on the poll, I think that was the only improvement for next time.
Kieran: Someone in slack left notes on how to pick 2 from 3, so that you don’t have to do it twice.
Caroline: Yeah next time, I think we use an external feature.
Pat: Yeah we did have a tool we were considering using…… ahhhh we do have a Matt this time! It’s good to have you here! How did you find the AGM Matt?
Enter Matt
Matt: Thank you, I found it good! I don’t have any specific additions other than what we discussed after. I thought it was a good improvement on what we had.
Pat: I did end up asking for thoughts in general, I was personally happy with how it went. Well certainly if anyone has thoughts on how it went, what we should change, what went great please add in slack. And then we can make it happen in 5 x months time.

a. Committee Meeting schedule (PA)
Pat: Next agenda is what times work for everyone. I know Tuesdays don’t work well for Cameo.
Kieran: Tuesdays aren’t that great for me either.
Pat: When we checked a month or two ago, it seemed like Tuesdays worked best for the majority. We have a new make-up for the committee now so lets check and see what works best for everyone.
b. New committee roles
Pat: Already discussed, don’t know if we need someone for the website or sponsorship. Anyone is welcome to put their hand up.
Aaron: I’m happy to help with out with that. I’m happy to help with either, but yes happy to do website stuff.
Pat: We don’t need to make any call on that right now, as Sox noted she’s offered a chance to do a handover.
i. Sponsorship
ii. Website Management
c. Meetup accounts (KA)
Kieran: No update since the last meeting. I’m not getting a lot of traction on the messages. What I’m doing now doesn’t seem to be working very well.
Caroline: Does anyone know what’s the latest with the MeetUp site?
Kieran: Wait and see?
Pat: The last I saw, is that that page wasn’t supposed to be shared with everyone. It was only supposed to be a select group on MeetUp. It doesn’t sound like there are going to be any changes in the near future. I think we go ahead with consolidating so we are paying less. We will see how that goes.
d. New recurring Melbourne event: RubyBurgers, organised by Anton Katunin (PA)
Pat: Anton is planning on running RubyBurgers – just a regular go out and have a meal, it doesn’t clash or vibe with any other meetups.
Caroline: If we get to the point where we have all of the meetups consolidated on Meetup, is that where it would go?
Pat: Yeah I think so, it’s just checking with the other organisers to make sure it doesn’t clash. Ryan do you have thoughts about this?
Ryan: No particular thoughts. I just order the food. I’m happy as long as it doesn’t clash.

e. Thank you to the outgoing committee members (PA)
Thank you to everyone for their hard work, thank you to everyone but particularly to Sox and to Matt. Matt you’ve been on the committee than longer than I have. Sox joined at the same time I did. It’s been wonderful having you both on the team and the contributions you’ve bought to the team.