Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 27th August 2019

Committee Meeting Agenda
27th August 2019


  • Pat Allan
  • Matt Stevenson
  • Rachael Goodenough
  • Ryan Bigg
  • Kieran Andrews
  • Caroline Bambrick

Absent – Sonya Corcoran, Cameo Langford

1. Regular Business:
a. Finances (RB)
Ryan: Money – nothing unusual to report. Rails camp tickets cash is rolling in. Ruby Australia is happy to sponsor food and drinks for Ruby Melbourne. Need to go back to RubyConf organisers and let them know what they can spend
Pat – Have we had money come in from sponsors?
Ryan - Yep

b. RubyConf AU (RG)
Rache: Good. Website nearly finished. Doing some final shortlisting for a keynote. Aiming to get it all locked in over the next week.
Pat: Amanda has been running the website stuff past me. Looks great
Rache: I think it looks amazing :blush:

c. Rails Camps (CL)
Pat: Cameo isn’t on the call. I feel like ticket sales are going to be pretty healthy. Sounds like people are excited about it. We may even have all the committee there :raised_hands:

d. Rails Girls (SC)
Pat: I know some people who have registered. That’s happening in 2 x weeks. I think they might still be looking for mentors.

2. Occasional Business
. Website (MS)
Matt: Nothing new. I know there is a growing pile of PRs to go through.

3. Irregular Business
. AGM Date (PA)
Pat: There was a discussion awhile ago, suggesting 3 x different options. One was 11am or maybe 12 for WA or late afternoon. I spoke to people over the weekend, fellow rubyists and ex-committee members – Monday will be easier.
Caz: I think we will get higher attendance if it will be a week night
Kieran: Are Mondays the better night?
Pat: I normally don’t have things on a Monday night. The later in the week is when I get busier, but that’s just my life.
Rache: I don’t mind.
Matt: Either would work, but I like the idea of the Monday. I’m guessing the more committee members the better, rather than dumping Pat with everything.
Pat: Seems like a bit more in favour for the Monday, so the 7th or the 14th? It will need to be in October. Group consensus for the committee seems to work for the 14th.

a. Membership Collation (PA)
Pat: If you’re able to work through those PRs Matt that would be brilliant, and then people can start confirming their memberships, and then we can start letting people know about the AGM.

b. Community Survey (CL)
Pat: I know Cameo was working on the CL but she has been very busy. At this stage we can probably looking at announcing the CL at the AGM.

c. Online General Meetings (CB/PA)
Pat: Caz you had a chat with Merryn?
Caroline: Merryn is the President for Ruby NZ and they’ve only run one AGM online. It was a combination, they had a youtube stream of the committee on google hangouts with feedback and whole society voting on motions other than elections happening on slack. It didn’t end up being as participatory as they hoped so they’re opting for an in real life meeting.
Pat: A tool named slido has been recommended to me, and also twist ap. I need to have a look at those. One or both could be useful from how do people ask questions perspective. It sounds like zoom might fit the purposes more generally as to where to conduct the meeting.

d. Meetup accounts (KA)
Kieran: We now have a paid account and I’ve moved across one account. For the rest of it I’m drafting an email.

e. Altering Committee Meeting night (PA/CL)
Pat: Prompted by the discussion on slack today. Should we change the night of the committee meeting? I’ll put it on slack so we can vote for it.

f. Rails Camp 27 EOI (PA)
Pat: We’ll need to put that out into the world soon so we know who will be running the camp for next year.