Committee Meeting - 17th August 2016

Ruby AU August Meeting Agenda

Meeting starts 7:04pm.


  • Jo Cranford (Treasurer)
  • Ryan Bigg (Secretary)
  • Tom Ridge
  • Lauren Hennessey
  • Ed Tippett
  • Kylie Gusset
  • Andre Vidic
  • Pat Allan


  • Leonard Garvey (President)

New Committee Member Guides

  • Lauren has done work on the guides, but is waiting for the consitution to continue filling out the position descriptions.
  • Pat has done some great work on some RailsCamp hosting guides, which Lauren is reading through and adding to.


  • Await Constitution update to finalise “New Committee Member” guides.


  • Jo: We are getting a few more inquiries since launching the conference. This means that we don’t need to go out and find sponsors.
  • Tom has been talking to Brisbane sponsors, but needs to do some more talks before anything comes to fruition there. Andre asks about how many sponsors we can have on each tier, Jo replies that it’s in the prospectus which is on the site.
  • Andre has been talking to Slack as a potential additional sponsor.


  • None

P&L Statements

  • Jo: P&L uploaded to a committee shared directory. Not yet shared with the wider community. Not a high priority.


  • None

  • Ryan: talked with DNSimple & Pat about transferring ownership of Haven’t yet switched over the DNS to Heroku, but will do that shortly.


  • Ryan to change DNS on domain to point at Heroku app.

Membership Database

  • Ed has not talked to Ben Schwarz about the membership database yet. Ed to follow up with Ben by the next meeting.


  • As above

RailsCamp 20

  • Lauren: We’re nowhere at the moment.
  • John Dalton has bowed out of the lead role, citing busyness.
  • Pat may volunteer to organise a Tasmanian camp.
  • Tom talked for a bit about hosting one in Brisbane. Nigel Rausch (Two Red Kites) has considered throwing company resources behind running a Brisbane camp. 9-12th December being bandied about as a date. 2nd-5th December also being talked about. The weekend of 2nd-5th is CSS / JS Conf and Web Directions weekend before that. Rumours of past site Koonjewarre is closing down? May need to find new site?
  • Talk continues about possibly forming a group from the committee to run a RailsCamp and scope out a Tasmanian venue (Pat, Andre, Kylie, Tom, …?). May need to find a Tasmanian to scope out the venue locations. Pat says that a Tasmanian or QLD camp would be fine.
  • Ryan suggests QLD because there seems to be more interest by QLD people in running a camp, so why not pick QLD? Committee decides that a QLD camp would be good next, and then , then TAS. Pat to talk to John Dalton and Julian Russell about organising a TAS camp. Lauren points out: “This gives John a chance to go to a camp before running one!”
  • Backup option: Pat organises a crew to run a TAS camp.


  • Tom Ridge & Two Red Kites to discuss organising a RailsCamp in Brisbane.


  • Ryan tried to talk to Mel Sherrin about the Constitution via Slack, but was unable to reach her.
  • Jo has sent Ryan Mel’s email address as a more direct line to her.
  • If we cannot reach Mel, then we will bring on Base Legal (a small law firm) to help us rewrite the Constitution.


  • Ryan to talk to Mel Sherrin about constitution rewirte.
  • If Ryan cannot reach Mel by the next committee meeting, then he is to contact Base Legal.

Social Media

Kylie has created some draft guidelines for social media posts. She asks what promises that we’ve made to our sponsors. Should there be some kind of guidelines for when sponsors should be thanked for the Ruby AU events.

Jo says that we don’t have any obligations in terms of sponsorship levels. Jo says that we have thanked sponsors more for RubyConf AU based on their sponsorship levels (using HootSuite). Culture Amp had content which was relevant to share. Other sponsors may have had content that they wish to share. Kylie says that we need to work out how to tweet out links from sponsors. Andre says that the documentation should be shared widely so that future committees.


  • None

Meeting ends: 7:50pm.