Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 17th March 2020


  • Ryan Bigg
  • Kieran Andrews
  • Pat Allan
  • Caroline Bambrick
  • Lee Sheppard


  • Rachel Goodenough
  • Aaron Moodie

1. Irregular Business
– Trying a new system of streamlining topic discussions, the approach is to stick to 5 minutes per topic, at the end of 5 minutes, we get a show of thumbs up to see if the discussion should continue, if majority we continue, no majority we move onto the next topic

2. Regular Business
a. Finances (RB)
– Same as last month, 110k in the bank
– Thinking of allowing other meetups to use Ruby AU zoom account, could add extra costs
i. Donating money saved to food drive
– Asked if we could donate money saved from meetups to a food drive
– Was against the idea as those funds are for ruby meetups and events
– Agrees with Ryan due to RubyConf not making enough profit

b. RubyConf
– Had 1 person off to help out running 2021 Conf, not wanting to run it.
– Suggested doing the conference every 2 years
– That would be great, but difficult to manage sponsor expectations about funding and what they’d be getting each year
– Consider reducing expenses of RubyConf to reduce prices to attract more attendees e.g. less fancy venue, fewer international speakers etc.
– Reaching out to person who volunteered to see what their level of involvement could be in the conference.

c. Rails Camp (KA)
– Rescheduling rails camp maybe till November

d. Rails Girls (LS)
– Looking at running an event in July

e. Meets
– Made progress on the shared meetup account
– Got in touch with brisbane ruby meetup organiser, happy for them to hold onto account and keep paying for it, but need to work on messaging
– Shared draft of messaging with Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne meetup organisers
– Another account for zoom based meetups is a good idea

3. Occasional Business
a. Website
Nothing to raise
b. Sponsorship
Nothing to raise

4. Other Business
a. Upcoming special general meeting:
– suggested 7pm, Monday 27th April for meeting

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