Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 19th March 2019

Committee Meeting Agenda
19th March 2019
• Pat Allan
• Caitlin Palmer-Bright
• Rachael Goodenough
• Ryan Biggs
• Matt Stevenson
• Sharon Vaughan
• Sonya Corcoran

1. Regular Business:
a. Finances (RB)
Ryan – Finances looking good. Are there any outstanding conferences expenses?
Ryan – Not that I’m aware of, please let me know if there is.
Pat – Would be good to know, if we can presume, how much of a loss we made?
Ryan – I can work that out?

b. RubyConf AU (RG)
i. 2020
Pat – The next conference
Rache – Met with my fellow new organisers – Elizabeth and Ben and we lived our best life. We all discussed why we wanted to get involved which was really great. We’ve set up a trello board to kick things into action. One of the things we were thinking about; what is the best way for us to ask questions? Should I just be annoying you Pat?
Caitlin – We can set up a group chat of slack so we can work through a few questions
Rache – From an update perspective, do we need to be working to a timeline, how do you want me to update you?
Pat – Nothing is set in stone. Its great to hear things are progressing so early, and we’re not expecting that level of control. Mostly run things as you wish and then you’re on hand to talk to give us updates.

c. Rails Camps
. RC 25
Pat – Rails Camp 25 is coming up, who amongst us is going to be there beyond me?
Mat – I’d like to, whether I can wrangle it we will see.
Sox – Mat is going to drive
Sox – I have to sit down with the team, normally we ration the tickets out against the Look Aheadians
Pat – Because we will be having an AGM there which we will get to later. Its definitely going to be on the smaller side.
Caitlin – I think 3 x organisers, 17 x attendees, 2 x diversity tickets. I haven’t missed one in 2 x years…

i. RC 26
Pat – Might be good to get the ball rolling on EOI. Don’t know if anyone saw the message I posted on slack, that I drafted up a page on the website? I mention it further down on the agenda but will cover it now. If people could have a look over it and confirm if the page is fine. Gave us until May for EOI, so a bit more time this time. Oh April by the next committee meeting, but will be good to know before the next camp.
Caitlin – The thing that stands out to me on that page is that Pat hasn’t organised a camp in six years ……

d. Rails Girls (SV, SC)
Pat – Sharon sounded like there was going to be an event in April?
Sharon – Yes and haven’t I let that slip along a bit. Was going to ask about budget then I will get that started. The time is booked with Envato. Just need to get the tickets up. Then get noise up about people wanting to attend. Do we have a budget for food?
Pat – What’s been done in the past?
Sharon – I think it was $2000 per thing, yes, last year because it was the only one that I held in November, I was told $2000, actually could have used a bit more, so this time I wont be getting anymore t-shirts printed. There are heaps left over from last time. Also heaps leftover from RubyConf. So, if its ok with the committee I wouldn’t mind giving those around as well, if people are interested? Currently have 2 x big boxes of t-shirts under my desk at work. I really just need budget to cover food. Not going to do a coffee cart again which Envato paid for last time. It was a bit too stressy, so um, its really just food for lunch. I’m sure a 1k will do nicely.
Pat – If that’s what’s been done in the past I see no issues with that
Ryan – Sounds fine to me, sounds perfect
Sharon – Ill get that going then. Weekend of the 13th. Ill take the model that they use in QLD, just do it on the one day. Less commitment for mentors and people attending.
Ryan – I haven’t helped in awhile, but I actually have already booked that day.
Sharon – Thank you for looking though
Ryan – I do want to come along and help out, they seem like really excellent events.
Sox – The Sydney events, Google couldn’t give us a venue so we’re still looking for a venue on the 13th of April but I think its better to push it out, wait for Google to give the venue, then organise the event.
Sharon – Do you want me to wait until you have room there?
Soz – Totally up to you to you, I thought I saw it being advertised on twitter?
Sharon – No no, feeling really guilty, just haven’t gotten back to it yet, every time I think about it I’m like “cant yet”, not ready to organise anything.
Sox – Totally understandable, well if you could wait, um the last convo Angie was going to get back in touch and get them to suggest a few dates. I can ask Angie and maybe that can work for you?
Pat – Yep it would be good if they can line up

2. Occasional Business
. Website (MS)
Mat – Skip on

a. Sponsorship (SC)
Pat – I guess we covered in irregular business in terms of next fin year.

b. Documentation
Pat – Nothing to add or change

c. Grants (SV)
Pat – Sharon nothing from last time. Nope

3. Irregular Business
. 2019/2020 Sponsorship

Pat – Next fin year,
Sox – Just started putting together a draft slide deck, putting together our numbers to make it more attractive by laying out the sponsorship tiers. Made a start on that. Hoping to that done this month, so we can start pulling in sponsors for next fin year
Pat – Did have a look briefly, yeah, it’s a really good start. Are you generally feeling like you’re across what is needed, you’re ok?
Sox – Defo won’t send out without everyone’s approvals. I’m doing research on what the template is, as in the industry standard template, hoping to get done this week. Then will send around for approval.
Pat - Sounds good. Cool, look forward to seeing how it evolves and then we can provide feedback in the coming week. Anything else in terms of the next sponsorship year?
Sox - Did anyone have any convos with companies, basically any leads, anyone who I should follow up and call? Anyone have any hottttttt leads? I’ll have a chat with my main contacts and get their feedback on the sponsorship tiers.

a. Rails Camp 26 Expressions of Interest
Pat - Already discussed, please have a read and send feedback though. Would like to start making noise by the end of the week

b. Community Survey
Pat – Have seen draft courtesy of Mat and Caitlin.
Caitlin – Few tweaks, did want to include questions around volunteering, organising , interest, add that and some feedback from Mat. Hoping by the end of the week we can make the changes. Um then yeah, we’ll share in the committee channel
Mat – Have a click through, it should let you see the branching through.
Pat – I’m feeling pretty good about where its at and how it’s coming along.

c. Email to Ruby AU Members
Pat – I’ll send the email to all members with an agenda to cover off things I wanted to have in the survey, the EOI for rails camp 26, mention rails camp 25 and then mention that we have a general meeting. There is a deadline there, we need to promote the general meeting a month before it actually happens. Really want to start convos around that before it happens, give people a chance to think about their position on any agenda items. Would it be fair to say we would be ready for a draft email by the end of next week?
Caitlin & Mat – Yep, assuming that its really just us proof reading and can be sent at the end of next week if everyone is happy with the survey?
Sox – Sponsorship survey should be ready at the end of next week
Pat - We’ve got a bit of flex room if we need it to get it out into the community. In terms of preparing for the general meeting, we will need to get an agenda up and chief amongst the agenda items is changing the constitution to allow online general meetings which was agreed that was something we wanted to offer as part of a discussion at the last general meeting. And then yeah, we will have elections for some of the roles. We want solid info about what those roles are, times, task wise, nominations are welcome, and like some kind of chance to ask questions, not sure best way to do that but probably through slack, then we can take that and publish to the forum, kinda of a AMA related to the positions?
Catilin – What positions are up for election. 2 x GM?
Pat – Sharon and Lachlans?
Pat – Ryan were you re-elected at 2 years?
Caitlin – Treasurer is 2 year position
Ryan – This is my second year, yes
Pat - Yep and 2 x general
Pat - Yep encourage discussions and encourage proxy voting given that we are changing constitution potentially. Yes if you think of anything else that should be on the agenda, then do post it on slack.

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