Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - April 21st 2020


  • Pat Allan
  • Aaron Moodie
  • Rachel Goodenough
  • Lee Sheppard
  • Kieran Andrews


  • Ryan Bigg
  • Caroline Bambrick

1. Regular Business
a. Finances (RB)
– Tracking along as normal

b. RubyConf
– One person reached out interested in helping with RubyConf but waiting until we know what’s happening with the pandemic

c. Rails Camp (KA)
– Contacted by camp venue, with some suggested dates, happy to have the event when it’s possible

d. Rails Girls (LS)
– Nothing happening at the moment
– Looking into trying to run an international rails girls, talking with community

e. Meets
– Sydney and Melbourne successfully used the RubyAU meetup account
– Have sent out email outlining guidelines, code of conduct and sponsorship to meetup organisers

2. Occasional Business
a. Website
– Going to have a go at displaying some of RubyAU’s Youtube videos on the front page of the RubyAU site

b. Sponsorship (AM)
– Nothing to update on.
– Not sure what happens when the sponsorship rolls over, one more rails camp available to the sponsors
– Communicating with the sponsors about us trying to work out how sponsorship will work going forward.

3. Irregular Business
a. Upcoming special general meeting
– One general member nomination
– Will put together an update on sponsorship

4. Other Business
a. Document and Correspondence Management
– Suggesting using basecamp to keep knowledge together in one place, difficult to pull information together when new members start

b. Charity Application
– Look into finding out what RubyAU needs to do to become a charity