Railscamp badges

Would be cool to reward Railscamp attendees with a unique badge on the forum. The icon of the badge could be logo of the attended Railscamp.

Same could be done for RailsConf AU.

Badges will give more recognition to the community supporters.

Proposed solution: the best way is to get ticket emails and automatically reward them with a badge.

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Big fan. Not all camps have logos, though - e.g RC24 did not. What could we do for those - maybe use Tim’s generic logo with a number?

Part of me is fine with this - cool, I get some badges, yay - but I’m also a little wary of exclusive status things… it rewards the established community members more than newcomers, and I wouldn’t want people to presume that such status actually matters.

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I agree with Pat here. This is a cute idea, but there are plenty of ways to be part of our community and I’m not sure if we want to be elevating only those with the time/money/employment/personal situation that allows them to travel to these events.

I wouldn’t see it as a status thing or elevation, more a collectable. I mean, it’s a statement of fact that person A was at event B, there’s no implication that that confers any special status on them though.

Oh I think this is a great idea!
This isn’t too much different to conf/camp/event swag, but this is even better because you get to actually hang on to it for a long time. Its a nice reminder of all the awesome things you’ve been to, without any of the overhead of physical swag.

I love getting conf t-shirts and all the swag, but I am sometimes guilty of hanging on to them only for the memory and they sit at the back of the cupboard, which I think is wasteful.

Having something like a badge for all the things you came to is a great way of fostering a strong sense of community. I don’t think it is a barrier or unfriendly for new comers or those that can’t attend events, like Toby said. Just a thing that said you were at this event.

Would love to see this implemented!