[Idea] Let's add sponsor badges

Rails Girls Summer of Code is also a non-profit organisation and has many sponsors. I like what they have done with sponsors logos:

There is also text below logos:

Note: the stars on the logos represent the number of RGSoC editions supported by the sponsor

So the idea the more years sponsor supports, the more stars it will get. I think we should do this for RubyAU as well. It’s another way to recognise community supporters and encourages to support more.


I like that.

That was raised at the committee meeting and committee agreed we should do that

Are we doing this as consecutive years of sponsorship or overall? So if a company sponsors for one year, skips one year and sponsors the next - is that one star or two? (My vote would be two.)

I’m the same, that would be two.

Since we have different level of sponsorship, should those stars be different? For example Gold, Silver and Bronze etc.
I personally like the simplicity of them being the same just like on the picture above.

Yeah, I think we’re acknowledging consistency rather than the level of support, so all the same would make sense.

I like this idea, we could use gemstones, and since we colour our sponsorship we could always use the colour that the company had.