Rails Camp network and server

Ruby Australia Needs You!

We are looking for passionate people in the community to make RailsCamp network amazing again. Usually RailsCamps are hosted in remote locations without good internet connection. If we are lucky and there is cell reception, it often melts when there are 100 people trying to use it. That’s not ideal for the developers community.

As a solution we setup a local wifi network with cached resources and local services. And that’s where you come in. We need you to own that s#.t, so at the next Rails Camp it works better than the Apollo moon landing.

We have 1 mac mini and 2 airport express so far. We need:

  • local rubygems mirror with cached gems
  • basic welcome portal where we can post info for people
    Ideagora was developed and used at the previous camps. Use it or anything else
  • anything else that will make RailsCamp network amazing
  • Provide list of useful tools

It’s a great opportunity to help Ruby Community and learn something new in the process.

I’m keen to see this done in time for the next Rails Camp. Unfortunately I have limited time available.

However, I’d be willing to get involved if there were a couple of other people who had more time to get their hands dirty. I certainly have fond memories of the days that we were lucky enough to have Ben Hoskings arrive at Rails Camp with the Mac Mini all ready for us to use!

Any takers?

Hey all, I’ll be helping @antulik and @keithpitty set this up at The Conversation. I’ll look after the physical box and help troubleshooting. We should be getting started some time this week.


Just out of interest: how’s the RailsCamp server setup going?

It’s coming along. We have the server located at the Melbourne offices of The Conversation and have begun setting it up. We’ve done some upgrades and have successfully tested creating a rubygems mirror. Is there anything in particular you would like to know?

Have you guys heard of Mastodon?

It’s awesome and written in ruby.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve added Mastadon to the list of potential services for the Rails Camp server to provide.

If anyone else is available to help out with preparing the Rails Camp server, please let us know! We’ve been making some progress but another helper, particularly with solid devops experience, would be invaluable.

Happy to help here mate. What’s left?

Thanks Michael. Much appreciated. I’ve sent you a DM in the rubyaustralia slack channel.

Thanks everybody who has helped. Don’t want to list the names in case I’ve miss someone. @keithpitty do you think you can list all of them?

Since RailsCamp is ongoing event, there are still more opportunities for people to help with network setup, so this topic will remain open

Thanks are due to:

  • Toby Nieboer, who delivered the mac mini to The Conversation

  • Ben MacLeod, a colleague at The Conversation who, despite being unable to attend Rails Camp, assisted with upgrading the mac mini where upgrades had to be done locally rather than remotely

  • Keith Pitty, who upgraded various software and updated the RubyGems mirror prior to the camp

  • Michael Pearson, who helped remotely prior to the camp

  • Sam Cochran, who stepped into the breach at Rails Camp and took ownership of getting services on the Rails Camp network operational and available to attendees

Sam has taken the mac mini and has committed to keeping it up to date and potentially enhancing the services that will be available at Rails Camp 23