Committee Meeting - 19th July 2016

Ruby AU July Meeting Agenda

Start time: 7:04pm.


  • Len Garvey (President)
  • Jo Cranford (Treasurer)
  • Ryan Bigg (Secretary)
  • Tom Ridge
  • Lauren Hennessey
  • Ed Tippett
  • Kylie Gusset
  • Andre Vidic

RailsCamp 19 (Lauren Hennessey)

  • Details posted in Slack about RailsCamp. (to be included here)
  • Everything covered financially, a few things not quite yet paid for.
  • Decent percentage of women. Len gives Lauren kudos.
  • Really positive feedback.

RailsCamp 20

Who will host it?
Where will it be?
When will it be?

  • Crickets from the committee.
  • We do need a second one because of volunteers.
  • Ideally should be in Tasmania, in November.
  • Talk to @pat, find people interested in organising through him.
  • Setting up a RailsCamp requires local people.
  • Saying come to Melbourne in November + February seems like it’s “come to Melbourne” too much.
  • Lauren suggests having a Brisbane camp. Tom agrees that it’s a good idea.
  • <RailsCamp 21 discussion redacted> (It’s a secret!)


  • Tom to bring hosting a RailsCamp up in Brisbane, possibly at Springbrook again.
  • Lauren to talk to Pat and find out if Julian Russel is interested in hosting.

RubyConf AU 2017 (Mel Kaulfauss)

  • Mel not present, Jo talking instead.
  • 4 tickets sold, 3 are diversity tickets.
  • Emailed mailing list about RubyConf.
  • Aaron Patterson confirmed on Twitter, Tim Riley, Asia(?) Hammerly
  • We have more speakers we’re following up with.
  • Small sponsors interested in sponsoring and locking it down.
  • Len says that we should be doing some marketing of our own to promote RubyConf AU; at meetups.
  • CFP opening soon.
  • We’ll be trying to give speakers early feedback in their CFP process.


  • Committee Members to do promotion of the event at meetups that they attend.
  • Nailing down the sponsors.

Constitution Rebuild (Mel Sherrin)

Defining the roles for each member of the committee


  • Ryan to chase up Mel Sherrin and get this process started.

“New Committee Member” guide

  • “One stop shop” for all committee member contact details (Slack?) (Lauren / Ryan / Andre)
  • Where do new committee members read up about their role?
  • Responsibility handovers
  • Len manages the passwords (as President)
  • There are some docs in Google Docs
  • Jo suggests having a email address for sharing access to different systems for secretary.
  • Andre asks: Pat Allan is the “public officer” for Ruby Australia?
  • Lauren suggests adding contact details to Slack, and mentioning them in the committee channel.


  • Write some “position descriptions” / “guides” for the committee positions to clarify them. Lauren to work on this.
  • Ownership for accounts should be an email from the organisation.
  • Ryan Bigg to talk to Keith Pitty regarding domain registration.
  • Ryan to talk with Pat about being the “public officer” for Ruby Australia, possible transfer required?

Possibility of Ruby AU funding Ruby Together

  • Len says that there’s something to explore
  • Jo says that the purpose of Ruby AU is to assist events in Ruby Australia, rather than donate to another not-for-profit.
  • Kylie says that if we support them, that may set a precedent about who to support in the future. She suggests not supporting anyone. Jo agrees.


  • No overwhelming support amongst the committee to directly support it.
  • The committee can use our platform to direct people to sponsor Ruby Together themselves.

Review of sponsorship (Jo)

  • Who will do what to help move it forward

  • Jo says that sponsorship should cover two RailsCamps and a conference per year.

  • We should try to get more sponsors to put us in a better position.

  • Len says that we should have enough money in the bank to “support a complete failure of a camp” (i.e. if a camp had to be cancelled).

  • Jo says that she’s gone back through the P&L since RailsCamp Sydney, says that we lost $45k on the Gold Cost Ruby Conference. We have $50k leftover, and we’re using that as a buffer. We’ll be using a fair amount of that to fund a conference in a location that isn’t Melbourne or Sydney.

  • It isn’t Ruby.AU’s aim to spend “every last penny” of the money (just so that we have a buffer)

  • Jo has a spreadsheet of possible sponsors. We should reach out to them about sponsoring Ruby.AU.

  • Len says that we need to provide a value for the company during their sponsoring. Big-tier sponsors get coverage at meetups, conferences, camps and on social media. Sapphire sponsors get to sponsor a single event (up to a max of 5).

  • Jo says that we could get a Sapphire sponsor to sponsor a lunch at a conference.

  • Len suggests a sponsor could sponsor a camp or a Rails Girls event.

  • Andre asks Jo how he can help gather sponsors.

  • Jo’s been collecting sponsors logos / blurbs to use across all events, to make it easier for event hosts to talk about who is sponsoring them.

  • Kylie suggests getting Atlassian to sponsor. They’re not quite technologically aligned with Ruby, but they may be interested in sponsoring diversity tickets.

  • Jo brings up that Vinomofo is interested in hosting.

  • Jo says that invoicing sponsors is easy enough to do.


  • Andre and Tom to help Jo out with rounding up / working with the sponsors.
  • Jo, Tom & Andre to go through Jo’s spreadsheet of sponsors.

Financial docs (Jo)

  • what should we publish and where to? (past records are easy to generate, but future stuff is more difficult and more useful) - also we need to ensure we answer the questions raised at the AGM

  • Jo has generated Profit and Loss (P&L) reports. Canberra Camp, last RubyConf and recent Adelaide Camp have been done.

  • Jo suggests hosting these reports on the website for the most transparency.

  • Len says that we should generate these reports because it’s brought up at AGMs frequently, and it’s also useful to event runners.


  • Jo to generate P&L reports for each quarter, and each evnet.

Website Updates

  • Conslidating changes to the Rails app + deployment to heroku
  • Membership database specifications (Lauren)
  • Indicate to attendees of RailsCamps that they are automatically members of Ruby Australia (André)
  • Ryan to get in contact with domain owner and transfer ownership.
  • Ed needs to know what information we want to collect on users & how much to display on the website.
  • Len says that it should manage the Campaign Monitor list.
  • Jo says it would be a good idea to have a “Camp” / “Conference” list.
  • Ryan suggests first name, last name, email address (optional)
  • Lauren suggests Twitter handles too. Kylie agrees.
  • Jo says that we need to have a privacy policy if we’re collecting users’ data like this.
  • Len says that the committee should be able to see the data. Regular users should not be able to see other users data.
  • Ed says there’s a Google Doc for memberships. Ben Schwarz has access to it.


  • Ryan to get in contact with domain owner and transfer ownership.
  • Ryan / Ed to deploy the Rails app to Heroku.
  • Ed to get in touch with Ben Schwarz for the membership database.
  • Kylie to update the committee member list.

Meeting ends: 8:02pm.