[rails-oceania] [Job] Ruby team leader - Melbourne CBD

Hey all, got some friends leading technology in a 100+ person company,
Serraview, in Melb CBD who need a senior ruby dev who can lead a team of
.NET devs and train them to build in Ruby on Rails.

Serraview has built an application for mapping out office space, mapping
employee locations, testing out different layouts, or planning moves.
They’re established but they want to rapidly move away from their .NET +
Flex past and move to a rapidly iterating and well architected Rails +
Angular solution.

Initially a short term contract but potential for longer term if wanted.
They are looking for someone with a good head for balancing “getting it
done” and “doing it right”. Being confident in the Rails way and being able
to keep a team of .NET devs from building out their own custom way is

The work will be on-site in their Melbourne office but with regular contact
with the CTO based in San Francisco.

They are fine to pay market rates, but as I’m not representing them I will
leave those discussions to you.

Reach out to me at niko [at] eventfuel.io if you would like an introduction
or any specific information.