Melbourne Ruby meetup guide

This is a guide on how to organise Melbourne meetup.

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Melbourne Ruby

Current organisers: Gareth Townsend, Matt Allen


  • Welcome: the host of the meetup welcomes and give quick update about other events
  • Work for us: anybody can advertise their open job positions
  • Talk #1
  • Break for 20min: if pizza has arrived, otherwise break is after the second talk
  • Talk #2
  • Talk #3
  • End of the meetup
  • Social chat at the bar


Talks are submitted at and selected by the meetup organizers.

Usually every meetup has 2-3 speakers. Talk length is 30min for 3 speakers and 40min for 2.

At the last meetup in 2016 (november) organisers tried new format of only lightning talks. Everybody at the meetup should be prepared to talk if selected. First host selects one random person to present from the audience. After the presentation is finished, the last presenter picks the next person and so on. Every talk has hard limit of 5 minutes but shorter is fine. No slides required. That worked very well, and there is a plan to try that format again mid year.


  • Meetup
    • (Current) Zendesk, 67 Queen St, Melbourne 3000
    • Envato, 121 King St, Melbourne 3000
  • Bar
    • (Current) Bartronica, 335 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Food Options

  • Crust Pizzas - approx one pizza for every two people, ~$10 per person, gluten free options available. 9429 3949, from ordering, delivery is usually around an hour’s wait.
  • The Taco Guy - $5 per taco, allow for 2.5 tacos per person (so, $12.50), requires ordering a week or so in advance. Gluten free with vegetarian and lactose-free options (Note: sadly The Taco Guy is no longer operating).
  • ASRC Catering - $17 per person for six finger food items. Requires ordering close to a month in advance, though final numbers can be confirmed about a week before the event. All vegetarian, and many gluten/lactose-free options.
  • Miss Chu - roughly $14 per person (currently paying just under $1400 for ~100 people), though could certainly order more and it would be eaten. Plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, all lactose free, and most gluten free.

Drinks Options


Current estimate is 5 cases, costing around $280. Was three beer, two cider, but a better balance going by what disappears first is four beer, one cider.

  • Order from Dan Murphy’s online the day before (more options, slightly cheaper, delivery cost per case).
  • Order from on the day (less options, single delivery cost, local business)


Current estimate is 4 cases, with a mix of flavoured mineral waters/soft drinks plus plain sparkling mineral water. Costs around $160/month.

  • Order from Hepburn Springs Mineral Water via email the day before delivery (deliveries are only Tues/Thurs for Richmond, all week day for CBD).