How to create your tag

Did you like your label tag at the meetup? Do you want to make it even more awesome in 2 minutes? Keep reading

You can customise your tag details by filling your profile on the forum.

#1 Click your avatar

#2 Then Preferences cog icon

#3 Profile section

Now you can fill your profile details. Don’t be shy and help others to find and contact you.

Don’t forget your profile url. It will be used to match your event RSVP to your profile. E.g.

And you are done

Now your Profile Card can look like (click my avatar in this post):

and your printed label tag at the events

Enjoy :wink:


Nicely done!

I just thought I’d add that to get your meetup profile URL if you’re on your phone, you have to browse the Meetup site in desktop mode. And to view your Ruby Down Under profile as shown above, you need to be logged out / incognito.

@antulik, it looks like the usernames on the tag are grouped, which is good. But I’m curious as to whether the various capitalisations of mine would be grouped as one - is there a way to preview the actual tag? This’d also be handy for testing out backgrounds :slight_smile:

Right now there is not way to preview, if people like the idea of tags we can do a proper online service. Right now its bunch of code thrown together. I’ll see how hard it is to host it.

Not sure about the groupings, i’d say group them anyway and use the first one?

Glad to announce that now you can preview your tag at

where username is you forum username (case-sensitive)

Feel free to contribute and make it better

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