Label tags for your Ruby event


Are you hosting ruby event and want to print personalised label tags for each member? Keep reading.

This is a guide to get you started. There are few things to know.

There multiple ways to print labels, and this one is the best one.

A4 adhesive stickers

You can buy A4 sheets with adhesive stickers. You probably want 8 per page with the 6x10cm size. The advantage is that you can use any printer and even print color labels.

The disadvantage is you can’t print one by one which is not a problem for a event since RSVPs are known upfront.


RubyAU can refund printing costs, please contact the organisation first to get the approval and later send the receipt to get the refund. Once refunded the printer (if any) and paper rolls become the property of RubyAU and you will be accountable for it.


I’ve wrote a ruby app which pulls data from and After it matches accounts between them and generates PDF file with labels. Then you can print the file as usual.

Another way is to get a label printer. It’s not as good as A4 sticker sheets because it’s black and white only and upfront cost to buy the printer itself.

Label printer

You need to get a label printer. It’s a thermal printer and they don’t need ink cartridge but need a special paper.

I’ve bought Brother QL-570 on for $50.

There is an updated version Brother QL-700. It’s slightly faster but pretty much the same. The resolution is the same for most of them, so just get the cheapest. Keep in mind that paper rolls are specific to the printer so stick to Brother brand.


The paper comes in different sizes. You probably want 62mm x 100mm DK-11202. And yes it’s self-adhesive. The roll costs $40 in officeworks, which is way too expensive.

Instead go to You probably want 4,5 or 8 rolls pack, which costs around $8 with free shipping. That seller is also very good, mine arrived in a week, but usually it takes up to 4 weeks. Plan accordingly.

Note: keep in mind paper rolls come with or without stand, usually you can reuse the stand.


Label printers in each city: