Committee Meeting - 19th September 2017


  • Lauren Hennessy (LH)
  • Toby Nieboer (TN)
  • Ryan Bigg (RB)
  • Anton Katunin (AK)
  • Nick Wolf (NW)
  • Caitlin Palmer-Bright (CP)


  • Jo Cranford
  • Rachelle LeQuesne

Start: 7:35pm

Swag for RoRo events

VP Toby Nieboer suggested copying an idea that SydCSS does: providing swag such as t-shirts and stickers for their event. The committee discussed this extensively and came to the conclusion that hosting the swag on Redbubble would be the best approach. We also talked about having past RailsCamp designs available on there too, but perhaps varying the designs slightly so that the people who attended the camps would have a “unique” shirt.

Sponsorship Agent

General Member Anton Katunin has been working with Liam Esler on getting together a job post for a sponsorship agent for Ruby Australia. There’ll be more information about this later on, so stay tuned. website redesign

We’ve now reached the 2nd of 3 stages of the website redesign, with the sign off of the 3rd stage happening this week. We’re still working with Deming Factor on nailing down designs but we’re very happy with what they’ve achieved so far.


General Member Caitlin Palmer-Bright has finished her research into Ruby AU’s responsibility when it comes to RSA at Ruby AU events, and will post her findings to soon. She’ll also update the Rails Camp guides.

Labels at meetups

Anton’s idea of providing name tags / labels at meetups has spread to Sydney, with the first trial of the labels having good success at the RoroSyd meetup. The committee will work with other meetups to see if they’re interested in having labels at their meetups too.