Committee Meeting - 18th October 2016

Ruby AU October Meeting Agenda

Meeting starts 7:06pm.


  • Lauren Hennesey (Vice President)
  • Jo Cranford (Treasurer)
  • Ryan Bigg (Secretary)
  • Ed Tippett
  • Tom Ridge
  • Andre Vidic


  • Len Garvey (President)

Ryan to contact Base Legal regarding rewriting the Constitution. (Ryan)

  1. Ryan to call Base Legal tomorrow.
  • Action: Ryan to call Base Legal

Membership fee?

  • Jo says that we should have a membership database before we go having a fee.
  • No membership fee for now.

Is paying for a Ruby AU event enough to have that person be considered a member?

  • Jo says buying a ticket entitles you to it, and you should opt-in to being a member.
  • Lauren says we should formalise the memberships by keeping a register.
  • Members should only be allowed to go to AGMs but you can sign up on the spot.

Who will take on the responsibility of the membership register?

  • Ed volunteers to run the membership register.

  • Jo suggests to make it a Google form.

  • Ryan agrees.

  • Action: Ed to create a Google Form for the membership.

Committee Stacking + constitution rules regarding memberships (Lauren / Ryan)

  • Lauren is starting at CultureAmp on the 4th of November. This means we’ll have 3 CAmpers on the Committee. Lauren says that people have raised concerns about potential committee stacking. Should we have a rule in the Consitution regarding committee stacking?

  • Ryan says “committee stacking is like ‘an elaborate game of Werewolf’”

  • Constitution amendments to be voted on at the AGM, which will be held at RailsCamp.

  • Action: Raise an item at the AGM to vote on adding a rule to the Constitution regarding committee stacking. Prevent majority of committee voting out other members.

Tom to talk to Jo regarding funding for RailsGirls sponsorship. (Tom / Jo)

  • Tom and Jo had a quick chat about this.

Andre and Jo to discuss Slack / other company sponsorship. (Andre / Jo)

  • Andre has contacted Slack, but hasn’t heard back from them. Will contact them later. Mark Horen(?) says that Slack was interested in the proposal, but said so “neutrally”. No guarantee that they will take up the sponsorship.

  • Action: Andre to contact Slack, ask where sponsorship is at

Re-election discussion (Lauren)

What is our direction?

  • Lauren says that our elections are “slap-dash”. Early nominations would be good, but it hasn’t worked out in the past. Nominations happen on the day of the meeting.
  • Lauren says that Len will not be going up for re-election. She has some people in mind for President, but isn’t sure what the responsibilities would be for that role.
  • Jo says that we should use the nomination form for elections again.
  • Ed suggests mailing out to camp attendees about the AGM and what roles are available.
  • Lauren says we should post on the website regarding what roles are up for re-election and what kind of skills we’re looking for.
  • Committee member “current projects” page on the website would be a great addition and would give people an idea of what the role consists of.

New bank card (requires documented minutes to reflect this) (Lauren)

  • Committee agrees that we need a new bank card.
  • Jo says that Len has never got access to the bank account for the org.
  • Lauren suggests that Jo’s name should be on the card. Jo agrees, but only for the next year. The president / treasurer should have access to the bank account.
  • Action: Jo to double check documentation for bank card before next AGM
  • Action: Jo to get new bank card from bank with her name on it. Treasurer/Secretary have access to the bank account
  • Action: Update secretary role: you have a card for the bank

RailsCamp update (Tom)

  • Numbers are looking not so great at the moment. Only 15 tickets sold so far. Tom asks, what can we do to boost ticket sales?
  • Ryan suggests advertising at the meetups.
  • Lauren says that pushing the Twitter messages and mail outs could be beneficial too.
  • Jo asks the minimum of viable people that the camp would need. Tom says David would be comfortable with 50 people. So another 25 sold tickets.
  • Jo suggests advertising in the Ruby AU Slack. Ryan suggests advertising it in the View Source Slack.
  • Tom has contacted Simon Wright for coffee sponsorship. Hasn’t heard back yet.
  • Tom asks if he can use the Ruby AU list. Jo says that it’s OK.
  • Andre says that he’ll be going to General Assembly and can talk about RailsCamp. Ryan says he’ll be doing the same.
  • Tom says that the tickets are on sale until November 11th, but may prolong that if the ticket sales uptick near that date.

Next meeting time

  • Tom asks if we can push back the meeting time in November 30mins. Committee agrees.

Meeting finishes at 7:44pm