Committee Meeting - 15th November 2016

Ruby AU November Meeting Agenda

Starts: 15th November, 7:35pm


  • Len Garvey (President)
  • Lauren Hennessey (Vice President)
  • Jo Cranford (Treasurer)
  • Ryan Bigg (Secretary)
  • Andre Vidic
  • Edward Tippett
  • Tom Ridge

Constitution Rewrite

  • Ryan has contacted Fiona and given her approval to udnertake work to rewrite the Constitution. This happened last Wednesday and Ryan hasn’t heard anything since. No news is good news?

Membership database

  • Ed Tippett working on a proper database for the Ruby Australia website. We have a CSV list of members that we can import.
  • It’s hard to find a membership database which contains a complete set of Ruby Australia members.
  • Lauren suggests finding attendee lists from and then adding those people to the membership list.
  • Canberra camp didn’t use Tito; they used their own system.

Slack sponsorship

  • Andre has contacted Slack, and hasn’t heard anything back from them. Interested in finding a better contact at Slack due to them being, ahem, slack.

New Bank Card for Committee

  • No action has been taken on this yet, we’re waiting for the AGM to come around to approve the new ruling regarding this.

Spam prevention for Slack group

  • We had a spammer who came into the Ruby Australia Slack and pulled all the emails, and then spammed people using those. Pat reacted quickly by making all the emails hidden across the Slack team. Once we have the membership database then we can send people the slack invite.

RailsCamp Update

  • 58 attendees coming along to the camp.
  • Getting the final invoices together and passing them along to Jo.
  • T-Shirts are being organised too, playing two companies off against each other.
  • The camp is pretty well organised so far.
  • There’s an idea of running a “Christmas dinner” for RailsCamp attendees.

Inventoried organiser equipment

  • There’s a document in the account which inventories the equipment which is shared across RailsCamps.
  • Lauren inventoried the equipment after the Adelaide RailsCamp, and then sent it up to Brisbane.
  • There’s only an extension cord missing for now.

Next RailsCamp

  • Lauren checked with Phil Arndt about running a RailsCamp in the NT.
  • Lauren reaching out to John Dalton about running a Tas camp.
  • Melbourne could be a potential camp city for EOY 2017.

Next Developer Survey

  • Lauren was talking with John Barton about the developer survey that he ran last year, and that we should run it again this year. Lauren asked JB if he wanted to run it again, but she hasn’t heard a reply.
  • Lauren’s looking for volunteers to run it for this year.
  • They ran it last year and presented the data at the AGM last year.
  • Tom has someone who he won’t name who might want to help.
  • Andre said that he’d like to help, given that the sponsorship isn’t going anywhere yet.

Press Releases

  • Lauren says that we should do press releases on the website. Things like notifications of AGMs, elections, etc.
  • Lauren would like to pass the responsibility over to Ed. Ed says that he’d like to tackle it.
  • Ryan suggests to publish the articles through the /articles part of the website which already exists… except it’s just a static page now.
  • Lauren says that we’re legally obligated to notify people in a few days regarding the AGM and the topics that will be discussed there.
  • We’re going to take the mailing list from Campaign Monitor and email people regarding this AGM.
  • Ryan and Lauren to work on articles


  • Check in on Ed’s progress on the membership database
  • Talk about AGM resolutions (bank card / constitution / committee stacking)
  • Post-RailsCamp update
  • Was the RailsCamp inventory tracked?
  • Did we find a volunteer for the developer survey?
  • How did we go with adding articles to the app?

Next meeting: 20th December, 2016 @ 7:30pm