Committee Meeting - 20th September 2016

Ruby AU September Meeting Agenda

Meeting starts 7:06pm.


  • Len Garvey
  • Andre Vidic
  • Lauren Hennessey
  • Ed Tippet
  • Tom Ridge
  • Ryan Bigg


  • Jo Cranford

Action items from last meeting

  1. Constitutional rewrite - Ryan to talk to Base Legal if Mel Sherrin has not contacted him. (Lauren / Ryan)
  2. Brisbane Rails Camp will be hosted by Two Red Kites.


  1. Kylie Gusset resigned (Len)
  2. Constitutional rewrite status update
  3. Brisbane Rails Camp status update (Tom)
  4. RMIT Ruby course
  5. Brisbane Rails Girls - Additional event sponsorship (Tom)
  6. Sponsors for smaller meetups, i.e Brisbane (Tom)


Kylie resigning

  • Emailed Len and Lauren regarding resignation.
  • Committee agrees to fill her position at the next Rails Camp in December.
  • Lauren says that there was one more person who nominated for the position – Anton. Lauren says it’d be great to have someone to handle the social feed.
  • Andre to handle social media in Kylie’s absence.
  • Lauren says that Kylie was talking with companies about the sponsorship they were providing… “the vibe of the twitter posts and how they were represented in the community”. Lauren suggests to Andre that he should pick up having those conversations.

Constitution rewrite

  • Ryan to contact Base Legal regarding Constitution rewrite.

Rails Camp status update

  • 5 tickets have been sold so far. Tom will do another mail out tomorrow.
  • Tom is trying to organise people to run the coffee machine.
  • Tom will review diversity applications with Daphne tomorrow.
  • Tom is organising sponsor tickets.
  • There will be two buses, spaced out to

RMIT course

  • Len to talk to JB to get in touch with someone who’s running this course to find out if they need any support.
  • Len says that having Ruby taught in a structured way in a University is “vitally important”. He goes on later to say that he’s trying to hire new people at the moment, and so having this course build new Ruby devs is a great boon to the community.
  • Andre is interested in finding out more about this course too.
  • Len says that we should find someone in the community who is interested in helping out RMIT.
  • Len says that fundamentally, the organisation’s focus is to teach Ruby. All the events we run are educational, and Rails Camp is weighted more towards the social side of things.

RailsGirls sponsorship

  • Rails Girls Brisbane running more events, looking for further funding.
  • Tom to speak to Jo regarding the funding.

Per-meetup (Brisbane) sponsorship discussion

  • Tom says Heroku would be interested in sponsoring the Brisbane meetups. He says he’ll need to speak to Jo about this.
  • Len says that the sponsorship budgets are on a yearly basis only, for easier management. Different levels get things like mentions at a camp, a conference and an event.
  • RailsGirls / Brisbane meetup may go out on their own and get sponsorships if they wish.
  • Len says that Heroku sponsoring the events is great, but having alcohol / betting sponsors will need committee approval first.
  • Andre asks if we could talk more about sponsorship, but Jo isn’t present.
  • Len says that we can’t take any more top-tier sponsors… but the lower-tier is fine for sponsors.
  • Andre has been talking to Slack about committing to some sponsorship for Ruby Australia.
  • Len says that we need to be careful of “in-kind” sponsorship. He suggests it would be better to have sponsorship which doesn’t cost anything for us to have. An example he used was giving away conference tickets to sponsors for sponsoring, which costs Ruby AU.
  • Andre asks if increasing the number of sponsors is something we’d be interested in.
  • Len says that we shouldn’t let sponsors dilute their brand. He says that we need to think about what we’re offering them “in kind”.

Membership fee for Ruby Australia

  • Ed suggests having a membership fee for Ruby Australia.
  • Len says that a $5 fee per year would boost the funds of Ruby Australia.
  • Len says that we have a “CRM problem” – we aren’t tracking our membership at the moment. He says it would be great to be able to track how many people are in our community, and what events they go to.
  • Constitution rewrite will affect this membership database discussion.

Action items

  1. Ryan to contact Base Legal regarding rewriting the Constitution.
  2. Tom to talk to Jo regarding funding for RailsGirls sponsorship.
  3. Andre and Jo to discuss Slack / other company sponsorship.

Meeting ends 7:47pm.