Treasurer's Report - FY 2018


  • $339k of income (sponsorship ($135k) + tickets ($203k) + bank interest (< $1k))
  • $252k cost of sales (confs + camps)
  • $14k operating expenses, includes: accounting, banking fees, insurance, hosting.
  • Profit: $72k
  • Money in the bank: $144,634.64

RubyConf AU 2018 (Sydney)

The conference is often our big “money making” event; it provides us with funds to fund things like food + drink at meetups and to run other events like RailsGirls, Elixir Girls and even to subsidise the cost of RailsCamp tickets.

This year, it didn’t make as much money as our previous conference - $18k this year, compared with $108k the year prior. Nevertheless, the conference was seen as a financial success, as we’ve made a profit at least. We’ll use this money in the next FY for the events mentioned above.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • $210k of income ($46k sponsorship, $164k tickets)
  • $188k cost of sales.
    • The big ticket items here were:
      • Venue hire + catering: $139k.
      • Speaker accommodation: $22k.
      • Speaker flights + other transport: 17k.
    • We also spent $7k on event promotion.
  • Profit: $22k.

RailsCamp 22 - Melbourne

  • $24k of income
  • $33k cost of sales.
  • Loss: $9k – but this is covered by other money coming from sponsorship and the conference’s profit.

RailsCamp 23 - Brisbane

(You are here)

  • 13k of income
  • ~$900 cost of sales.
  • Note: all the invoices for this event may not have come through yet – for instance the camp itself hasn’t invoiced us yet! – so don’t trust these numbers as “final” just yet. It is not usually the case that a camp would make $12k profit.


For the ROROs, the committee has decided to allocate $10/head for each attendee of the meetup. The meetup organisers can then spend this however they please. This isn’t a strict allocation, more of a guideline than anything.


~120-130 attendees

$8.7k, mostly on pizza. Not kidding. Monthly pizza cost is above $1k.

Thanks to Marketplacer for sponsoring drinks for this meetup.


40-50 attendees

$6.1k, again mostly on catered food.


~20 attendees

$1.5k, on food.


~10 attendees

$150, on food.

Rails Girls

Rails Girls get the same allocation as the meetups.

Brisbane, May 2017

Cost: $5.1k

Melbourne, January 2018

Cost: $2.2k

Future Treasury Plans

The association is currently transitioning from Westpac to Commonwealth Bank for our accounts. The last Treasurer handover took a record-breaking thirteen visits to the Collins Street Westpac branch to sort out. Alongside this, their web interface is horribly painful to use (on screen keyboard? No thank you.)

The Commonwealth accounts took two visits: one to pick up the paperwork, and another to deliver it. We look forward to doing our business with a bank that respects our time and sanity.

We have a very healthy bank balance in the range of $144k. This will allow us to fund events well into the future. The association is doing incredibly well, financially.

We currently do not have any immediate plans on what to do with this money, but we’d love to hear your ideas.