Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 29th July 2019

Committee Meeting Agenda
29th July 2019


  • Pat Allan
  • Matt Stevenson
  • Rachael Goodenough
  • Ryan Bigg
  • Kieran Andrews

Absent – Sonya Corcoran, Cameo Langford, Caroline Bambrick

1. Regular Business:
a. Finances (RB)
i. Bank accts: $84.4k
ii. Income:

  1. RailsCamp tickets :: 4 so far but it’s still early days
  2. Lookahead sponsorship: paid :: locked in Opal
  3. Envato sponsorship: contact email
  4. CA sponsorship: have they confirmed @ Emerald?
    iii. Outgoings:
  5. $1k for ROROMel pizza (Wed)
  6. $13k for RubyConf AU 2020 Venue Deposit (Thur)

Ryan: Bank at 84.4k. Expecting income from Rails Camps tickets. LookAhead locked in as a Opal sponsor. Outgoings (as above). We’re looking good. Locked in the RubyConf deposit.

b. RubyConf AU (RG)
Rache : Spoken with the Event Planner she’ll be joining our fortnightly conf calls. Confirmed venue. Deposit has been paid. Working to a timeline. Looking to bring in some design and dev grads to get the website up and running, and create the logo.
Pat: As I was the last person who was on the website, send any queries my way.

c. Rails Camps (CL)
Pat: Cameo posted a brief update in slack. Tickets are on sale. Lets get it mentioned in slack. Website isn’t quite done. It will be just outside of Melbourne in November

d. Rails Girls (SC)
Pat: Sox posted an update. Sydney have locked in Canva venue. Sept 14th is the same as the Melbourne update.

2. Occasional Business
. Website (MS)
Matt: Some nice updates for membership happening. Prob start rolling them up soon. Its looking great so far, thanks Pat.
Pat: Yeah, you can now signup on the website and it leads you through to confirm membership. Today, I sent through a PR and Matt approved super quickly, for better email templates. The outstanding PR is importing attendee lists of events.

a. Sponsorship (SC)
Pat: Sox has posted an update in slack. LookAhead has confirmed and paid. We have some sponsor money in the bank.

3. Irregular Business
. Community Survey (CL)
Pat: Cameo covered in her update this evening. She’s had a look at the survey results and thinking through how, if anyone else wants to join in and help they are welcome to. Over the course of the next fortnight she should be able to.

a. Online General Meetings (CB)
Pat: Kaz spoke to Merrin. Doesn’t sound like slack worked super well for RubyNZ. Kaz is going to think a bit more. We might start asking other groups about how they do their GMs. We will need to do a GM in the next 3 months.
Kieran: Can we fall back on the old way if there isn’t a better way of doing it?
Pat: We can’t run it at Rails Camp because its outside the window. We will need to do it somewhat differently, maybe it’s “hey whoever is in Melbourne and everyone else skype/zoom in”. I’m thinking sometime maybe early October.

b. Membership Management (PA)
. Policy for Membership Registry:

Pat: As part of the website stuff I was doing, and the discussion that had been done previously. We have to allow any member to view our registry. If anyone wants to get in touch with anyone who is on the registry, they do that through the secretary.
Kieran: I had a read through the policy, I think it would be good to make it a bit clearer as to what ticking that box does or does not do.
Matt: We do link to the law in the signup page and the requirements for what it is, it’s just a little bit unclear.
Kieran: Is the members registry online and accessible to anyone that logs in? That was the first thing that I thought of in my head.
Pat: With the policy, I’ve included why we need to do this thing, but also show that we take our member’s privacy seriously. Let’s just take a couple of minutes now to read the policy. Are we all happy with the policy at it stands? Yep everyone put their thumbs up then. I will now publish this on the website as a confirmed policy.

i. Policies on Website
c. Meetup accounts (KA)

Kieran: Not that much progress, I’ve created an account, added it to all the meetups. The next thing is create a message and send it out, explain what we plan to do
Pat: I’ve seen the draft, it looks great.

Pat: Next meeting has been rescheduled for late August