Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 18th December 2018

Committee Meeting Agenda
18th December 2018
Apologies – Lachlan

Thank you to the outgoing members and staying members.Welcome new members! :wave:

1. Thank you to the efforts of the outgoing committee, and the ongoing committee as well.

2. Welcome to the new committee members.

3. Regular Business:
a. Finances (RB) – nothing worrying. Hopefully ruby conf tickets pick up. Lower than what we had last time. Can we increase marketing to pump up sales?

4. Website (MS) – No changes since last time. New design of Ruby website. Rejazz on the whole thing. What do we want the site to do? How do we want people to do things? It would be nice to consider using the website more than what we are now. Long term goal is to get the website looking good.

5. Events (LH) – Lachlan cant make it. Major events covered by representing committee members.

6. Documentation (LH) Any progress on documentation?

7. Grants (SV) – Hopefully get update into slack soon

8. Sponsorship (SC) – Converted the data into excel. Caitlin did an update for sponsors for RubyConf. Can we offer pro-rata rates for sponsors that come in late? Are there different sponsorship packages we can offer? How would we charge now that we’re half way through the financial year? Do we bring on a sponsorship commission based person? (Not to take over the liaison role, just getting people to chase money). (SC) to crunch the numbers and do a business plan on the pros or cons on to bring someone on in a paid sponsorship capacity

9. Timelines, deadlines
i. RubyConf AU (PA, CBP)
2018 Videos – almost all done, some recording issues. Mostly its done. Paying someone this conference who has previously done PyCon.
2019 – Ticket sales are not where we want. Everything else is coming along. Looking at doing a walking tour again. 4th activity will be rock climbing, pizza making classes. Decided to have a cheers/thank you for the speakers and judges on the Saturday morning brunch

a. Rails Camps (CBP)
Hobart camp = 37 people. Some coding done on the day with general good times.
For the next camp, Celia King, Vanessa Nimmo, Sam seem to be confirmed as organisers, camp will be in/near Perth.

b. Rails Girls – no update. Rails Girls Sydney need someone to take it over

10. Irregular Business
AGM Summary
Committee changes
i. Camp frequency - switch down to 1 camp would that be a good thing? This is something could be considered, but sticking to 2 x camps. Small camps are great!

ii. Rails Girls on a fixed cycle – feeding the Rails Girls cycle to lead into Rails Camp to lead into Ruby Conf. 4 monthly throughout the year?

iii. AGM participation
Shifting AGMs to be online- meetings or at rails camp? General consensus, people were in favour of having them online. Caitlin to draft up a constitution change. We don’t want to lose track of communication (google form for nomination). We need to communicate the content of the AGM to the wider community “this is what was discussed, this is what we were thinking”). Provides greater access such as better EOI for running events. Lets EOI for the next conference? This requires a constitutional change. In the short term (certainly, prior to the next GM): encourage submissions of discussion points well before the meeting (two months?), have an online discussion a month out to get input from those who won’t be at the GM, try to figure out exact changes requested, thus making it clear what will be voted on at the GM. People can line up proxies where required.

iv. Need to communicate this to the community.

Event Expressions of Interest
i) Community Survey_ – Pat to talk to Lachlan. Hand over to Matt and Caitlin to play around with it to get ready for January. Current progress? Is anyone leading this already? If we can get this sent out in January that’d be wonderful.

Task management/discussion
Is Slack good enough? Do we like Slack? Do we want our own Slack Channel? Do we want Basecamp? Do we like Trello? RG to set us up for Trello

Taking a stand for our industry - #aabill
Can be framed as political, which is perhaps beyond our remit. – we can take a educational standpoint. Tweeting out we are against it and packing in the info as to why. Come together with resources. Not needing hard decisions made now, just keen on others’ thoughts.