Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 16th Jan 2018 Minutes

Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 16th Jan 2018 Minutes


  • Toby Nieboer (TN)
  • Ryan Bigg (RB)
  • Nick Wolf (NW)
  • Rachelle LeQuesne (RL)
  • Caitlin Palmer-Bright (CP)
  • Ana Djordjevic (AD)
  • Namibia Lebron-Torres (NT)


  • Lachlan Hardy (LH)


Give Ana fork access on Ruby AU Website branch.
Nick and Toby, discuss transfer
Nick to give Ana youtube access to add intro
Meet to discuss individual sponsorship

Grants (Namibia)

Namibia: I spoke to Liam, explained I’d hit a wall finding grants online, Liam suggested doing some networking, talking to organisations face to face about whether they’d be will to fund us or have grants. I think I’ll need to talk to Rochelle, as some of these organisations might over lap with you. Liam also suggested I reach out to Sarah Moran, and I spoke to her briefly and she’s trying to get some grants for Rails girls. She’s apparently already made some connections. So far the research seems going directly to companies is the best option.

Code of Conduct (Namibia/Toby)

Toby: As far as Code of Conduct goes, first, RubyConf needs to be across the new CoC and reporting and enforcement, I’ve had some chats with the organizers, Mel and Nick and their vols, in terms of the passes, they’ve been running stuff past me, and at some point we’re going to have a chat about what their responsibilities are. The only thing is we need to get the online CoC updated to the new one, and update some links that go to that.

As for the disciplinary sub committee, I’ve had two nominations, and if we can think of a third, then we want to approach those people and get it sorted out sooner rather than latter.

Ana: What’s the elevator pitch for the role?

Toby: that the CoC allows for 3 impartial people that can make disciplinary decisions, so that when people go to a Ruby AU event they feel safe and know that the people have their back.

Caitlin: I have a suggestion.

Toby: Namibia, should we reach out to these people together?

Namibia: Yes, I’d also like to arrange an anonymous form for the website that is up and running for when RubyConf beginnings.

Toby: I came across a poster from which detailed the phone number, web form and details what volunteers look like to be reported which can be used to report issues.

Toby: I think we just want to include that anon reporting is available but may limit how much we can investigate into an issue. The poster had an incident report plan, a code of conduct and multiple ways to report issues.


Sponsorship update (Rachelle)

Rachelle: we’re getting lots of emails from people looking to volunteer and companies looking to sponsor on RubyConf only. So they will be lining up to sponsor RubyAU next year.

Website redesign (Ana)

Ana: I’ve reviewed all the forum posts, volunteers have been coming forth but asking for a detailed scope. I don’t currently have rights to fork.

Nick: I’ll sort that out.

Events (Caitlin)

Toby: Caitlin, do you have enough information from the previous camp?

Caitlin: Yes, although we’ll have to duplicate it on the forum so it’s not lost in Slack. I’ve had a Chat with Mel and Nick about RubyConf who are looking to get up attending from Sydney attendence.

Toby: This Conf Budget will be pointed out as to why we do not run events in Sydney.

Caitlin: based on tickets it’s going to be in a smallish Conf based on ticket sales. For Camp I’m going to see some new venues and to see if they suit.

Ryan: They’ve currently sold a smaller number of tickets and that number will be bumped up based on new diversity tickets which haven’t been made available yet. Currently it looks like the Conf is just breaking even. It’s normally our big money maker which pays for pizza at meetings and rails girls t shirts. Next year it needs to be a big money maker, because we can’t afford this two years in a row.

Season Pass / Individual Sponsorship (Nick)

Action for Lachlan/Nick/Toby
Meet to discuss individual sponsorship

RoRo Swag (Toby)

Toby: I have stickers, we can hand those out at various RoRos, we haven’t had a roro yet but I’ll probably buy a t shirt to wear and show it off then.

Documentation (Toby/Lachlan)

Toby: No further progress, Lachlan and I will be meeting next week to work out what we want to open source first, probably starting with conf and camp guides first.

Changing Banks

Ryan: Westpac and I have been trying to get Toby added to the account since before December, and getting new debit cards, Westpac since advised that they’ve lost our forms, Hopefully we should have Toby added by next week and we should have debit cards for paying for things. I’m very disappointed with their customer service, web portal and processes. I’m thinking of switching to Commbank.

Toby: I’d plus one Commbank
Ana: I’d plus one Commbank
Nick: I’d plus one Commbank
Ryan: We’ll switch after RailsCamp May to Commbank.

Transfer of Domain

Nick: Keith Pitty emailed contact@ruby to arrange the transfer of with crazy domains and to find out who to transfer it to.

Ryan: DNSimple didn’t support .au before, but I believe they do now.

Toby: There is some corro in the president email account, which I’ll send to you.

Action for Nick and Toby, discuss transfer

Calls for new items.


Ana: I notice we don’t have anything set up on our Youtube home page.

Toby: Thanks for volunteering to set that up Ana

Nick: I’ll get Ana access to that.

Action for Nick to give Ana youtube access to add intro.

Meeting Closed.