Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 18th June 2019

Committee Meeting Agenda
18th June 2019

• Pat Allan
• Rachael Goodenough
• Ryan Bigg
• Sonya Corcoran
• Matt Stevenson
• Kieran Andrews
• Cameo Langford
• Caroline Bambrick

1. Regular Business:

a. Finances (RB)
Ryan: Renewed accounting provider contract.

b. RubyConf AU (RG)
i. 2020
Rachael: We’ve got the dates mostly locked in, Melbourne Town Hall, 20th, 21st of Feb. Tweaking a few things and then should be ready to officially announce soon. Currently talking with an Event Planner too. Thundering along.

c. Rails Camps –
i. RC 26 (CL)
Cameo: We’ve narrowed it down to two venues. Ideal date 9th and 10th of November. Checking a few dates before and after trying to avoid Melbourne Cup

d. Rails Girls (SC)
Sox: Open to a September date. Having a meeting this weekend to discuss further

2. Occasional Business

. Website (MS)
Matt: Minor updates here and there. Thank you for your bios. Next step is looking at the membership stuff.

a. Sponsorship (SC)
Sox: Having lots of conversations. Want everyone to put their hat in the ring by the end of the fin year.

3. Irregular Business
. Community Survey
. 134 Responses
i. Cameo has offered to put together some reports (one for committee, one for public)
Pat: Closed survey at the end of last month. We received 134 responses. Cameo has put her hand up to build our some reports on the responses.
Cameo: Yep, it’s really interesting. I had a quick look. Haven’t had a chance to go through and figure out what we can get from it yet.

a. Online General Meetings
. How do we run them? What platform should we use? Who can do the research and provide some suggestions? Logistics of talking and voting.
Pat: Online general meetings, lets research best ways of doing that. Slack video?
Caroline: – I’m happy to look into it

b. Membership Management
. Update the website’s membership management.
Pat: We do not have a clear list of members. We should from a legal perspective. We need to get a clear ability for people to join on the website aka (“not just signup to the website, but sign up to be a member”). Email out to everyone who has been to an event in the last few years, and say “if you want to be a member, click this link”
Kieran: Could we do it in slack?
Matt: We need to know how to get in touch with people for constitution change etc
Pat: I feel like we should get this sorted in the next few months, membership stuff in the next month or so.
Pat: if anyone wants to jump on this, put your hand up. I’m also happy to give it a stab and Ill run some of the web stuff past you, Matt. If anyone else wants to keep track, just watch the repo.

i. Clarify everyone’s membership status, as based on previous event attendance lists.
c. Meetup accounts (KA)
Kieran: I saw this as a Trello task in our project board and wanted to talk about it.
Pat: Yep. We could set up an admin account and name it Ruby Australia and have it join up all the meetups. We don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.
Kieran: I can run with this.