RFC Move meetup talk submission to forum

Change request #501


I propose to move meetup talk submission to this forum.


It’s often hard to find speakers for Ruby meetups. If meetup organiser could choose speakers, that would give them more power to control the quality of the meetup.

The move will allow more people to see, engage and potentially participate in the meetups.

Ruby community is split across multiple small groups. First it is split by city as we have separate meetups. Online it is split even more. (and I’m talking only about within Australia)

Since community and resources are divided, it’s hard to follow all of them. As a result each of them competes with each other for the attention. Instead of helping to grow one big Australian Ruby community which will benefit everybody involved, we remain in many small groups.

It’s much easier to grow one community than multiple small ones. Each meetup can be easily seen by the whole Australian community. It not just spreads the knowledge but also gives another motivation for new speakers.


It’s open for the further discussion. Each city/meetup can have it’s own category on the forum. As a meetup organiser you can manage the topics in a similar way to the issues on github. There won’t be many changes as one issue would remain as a single topic on the forum

Why not

Meetup organisers might want to keep independence from RubyAU. If that’s the case, nothing will change apart from the tools you use and you continue to have full control of the talk selection.