Committee Meeting - 20th June 2017

Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - 20th June 2017

Started: 7:30pm


  • Lauren Hennessy (President)
  • Toby Nieboer (VP)
  • Jo Cranford (Treasurer)
  • Ryan Bigg (Secretary)
  • Nick Wolf (General Member)
  • Caitlin Palmer-Bright (General Member)


  • Rachelle LeQuesne
  • Anton Katunin

Constitution (Ryan)

Funds allocation to meetups (Ryan)

  • Are meetups taking advantage (in a good way) of the funding we’re giving them?
  • Discuss Marketplacer sponsoring the Melbourne Ruby meetup “directly”
  • JC: Perth has started claiming money for food, Brisbane has been paying for food.
  • NW: If Adelaide misses a meet up, what happens to the funds that we allocate to that meet up?
  • JC: We don’t have them allocated formally. They just spend the money and then invoice us.
  • LH: That’s right, it’s “after the fact”

Marketplacer sponsoring Melbourne Ruby Drinks

  • RB: Is this something that we want to support? Marketplacer giving funds directly to the Melbourne meetup? Given that we have other sponsors with different arrangements?

[redacted discussion due to possibly sensitive information]

  • TN: How much did it all cost last meetup, Ryan? - RB: About $1,350 - TN: What if we just bring it back under us?
  • JC: I would propose that as long as we’re not putting our sponsors off (they’re big supporters of the community) then I think it’s fine.
  • TN: Ryan and I will have a word to the Melbourne organisers.


  • Toby + Ryan to talk about this in the sekret melbourne-meetup channel.
  • Lauren suggests creating correspondence with meetup organisers making it clear what sponsors expect at meetups. She’ll work with Nick on building this.

Reinteractive Community Sponsorship Proposal (Lauren)

[REDACTED due to possibly sensitive information discussed]

TL;DR: reInteractive wants to be a “Community Sponsor” due to their operation of the Installfest events (at a cost of $23k), as these events massively benefit the community. Ruby AU committee discussed supporting this, ultimately agreeing to a sponsorship level equivalent to a Sapphire level sponsorship, but with no tickets.


  • Committee to offer reinteractive benefits equivalent to Sapphire level sponsorship, but with no tickets.

Website rebuild (Lauren)

  • Progress report
  • It hasn’t been going yet! LH handed it over to Anton, and we need to get back in touch with Richie about it.


  • Lauren speak with Anton + Richie and get the process moving again.

Mailing address / PO Box (Ryan)

  • Currently a work-in-progress
  • There’s a waitlist on the collins street post office
  • Haven’t looked at the Bourke Street post office yet
  • Considering one in Ivanhoe… when I can get to the post office + it’s open
  • We’ll probably need a “medium box”
  • May need to get an ABR certificate first. Still need to call ABR to figure it out.
  • We need a VIC-based PO Box since the association is incorporated in Victoria.


  • Ryan to keep progressing on this, probably looking at the Collins Street or Bourke Street post offices.

Legality of alcohol at camps (Lauren)

  • LH: I want a document which explains what is / isn’t legal in each different state in terms of alcohol serving. This will help camp organisers.
  • TN: I think you should talk with Tom about that too


  • Caitlin to do research on this for camps (RSA?)

Budget for next year (Jo)

  • JC: Toby, Nick and I are working on the budget, we have a draft version and will discuss in the committee channel. The big thing is the conference. Ideally we’ll find some more Opal/Amber sponsors.


  • Jo, Toby & Nick to work together on building the budget for the next financial year.
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