[Job] Full-time Senior Software Engineer (Adelaide CBD)

SeaLink Travel Group is currently seeking applications from Software Engineers with plenty of Ruby/Rails (or similar web technologies) experience. These positions are centred around helping us expand and improve our corporate systems and enriching the experiences of our tourism and transport customers. If you’ve got a passion for user-centric design and love using data to present timely and relevant information to users you’re probably the kind of person we’re looking to hire. We’re looking for people based in Adelaide to join us at our CBD office. PM me here for a chat or email grant.colegate@sealink.com.au. You can also catch me at the Adelaide.rb Rubyburgers meet-up each fortnight for a meet and greet.

To find out a bit more about what our group does (it’s more than just ferries) there’s this handy link: https://www.sealinktravelgroup.com.au/

And here’s a more technical description of the positions available:

The Software Engineer role is substantially involved in the technical design and delivery of key components of the technology services managed by the IT department. Components can include customer-facing elements, integration with SeaLink’s corporate systems, aggregating data streams or core services we use to enable our transport and tourism business processes.

The role calls for demonstrable expertise in aspects of distributed enterprise software development such as services/microservices integration, OOAD, data engineering, User Experience (UX) delivery, prototyping and Agile/Scrum methodologies.

A Software Engineer is the mainstay role within SeaLink’s development team. Across the SeaLink Group, this team is essential to enabling modern, efficient and innovative core business operations.

Skill Requirements:

  • Sound programming skills. Git required. Ruby/RoR desirable.
  • Competency with development within an enterprise software platform such
  • as .NET, Java EE, LAMP, Heroku.
  • Public Cloud (Amazon Web Services) development and deployment
  • experience.
  • Data engineering and analysis skills such as stream handling, distributed &
  • non-relational storage, machine learning and statistical analysis highly
  • desirable.
  • Excellent planning, communication and problem-solving skills.