Ruby Software Engineers wanted for Banking on GCP

Company: Bendigo Bank
Geo: Australia - Remote & Offices in all States
Head Office: Bendigo/Melbourne/Adelaide
Level: All Levels
WFH: Yes
Type: Part Time / Full Time / Contract – all options available
Salary Range: Based on experience, market and over market rates for the right candidates.
Closing Date: March 31st 2023

If you want to read about who Bendigo Bank are - go check it out here

Bendigo Bank is looking for Ruby software engineers to work on our Internet banking front-end. We are currently building out the team to support our healthy backlog of items ready for delivery. Consuming our growing catalogue of APIs takes people cutting code, so were on the lookout.
With final go-live readiness happening now, this platform will be running in our GCP landing zone, using the latest in CI/CD pipelines to deploy the infrastructure & application stack into our Kubernetes managed service known as BBox (GKE + Open source tooling + inbuilt security controls for faster deployments and easier support! So we need more engineers to help code the features so we can get them out the door into customers hands!
You can apply Here

This forum has been awesome! Weve had such a great response, our recruitment team have created the URL above to make sure no applications get lost in my mailbox, so make sure you apply in there and the recruitment team will make sure all the applications are looked at! Thanks everyone who has already applied, and to those thinking about it - APPLY here

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