Full time - Senior Developer with Black Box Co (Remote)

Black Box is a leading-edge data management company specialising in the livestock industry. Our platform ingests raw data which is processed and turned into insights and displayed on visual, interactive dashboards to allow cattle producers to make informed practical decisions, unlocking the power of data and bringing ground-breaking technology to the sector.

We are a small team creating an innovative product in the agricultural sector which grants us many interesting challenges and opportunities every day. We have strong market fit due to the extensive industry experience of our founders, Shannon and Emma.

Some of the challenges that we’re trying to solve include:

  • Big data storage and structure - We have lots of data coming in that needs to be processed quickly, and queried efficiently.
  • Communicating complex data and statistics clearly
  • Frontend UI development. We want to help our users to find the answers they need quickly with intuitive, powerful tools.
  • Research and development into new ways to analyse and present information obtained from the data.
  • Creating our systems to scale into the future as our data collection grows.
  • Setting a vision for the future of our software and working with the team to deliver it.
  • Incorporating Machine Learning into our data processing, to help our users with a predictive view of their herd.
  • Maintaining growth and learning as developers - This role would benefit from a willingness to mentor others in the team.

Our current tech stack is Ruby on Rails, with a rich JS frontend for our interactive dashboards. We’re also looking into what other languages would best help us with our goals.

At Black Box Co we strive for a welcoming and supportive environment to allow our team to do their best work and set boundaries to avoid the burnout often associated with startups. This includes flexibility around when you work, allotted time to work on ‘moonshot’ projects and a move towards a 30 hour work week.

As a full-time remote company, we aim for full team gatherings twice a year (travel restrictions permitting). Our daily work is a mix of collaboration through online tools and independent work that we then communicate back through the team.

The salary range for this position is $130k - $175k based on experience and qualifications.

Send your details to geoffrey@blackboxco.com.au and let us know which of these challenges excites you most, or you feel you could help best.