[Job] Full Time Senior Rails Developer (Adelaide)

Hey all, my company (Mindvision) is looking to hire a Senior Rails developer, ideally based in Adelaide but remote is a possibility for the right candidate.
Have a look and if it feels like a good fit for you please apply or if you’ve got others you know of that would suit then please share with them.

About the company:
MindVision is an Adelaide based company that has been creating custom software solutions for 24 years. Projects range from 2-3 months to multi million $ projects spanning years.
Our clients are typically small to medium business or Not-For-Profits. Applications are always data driven with CRM and Operational Support Systems (OSS) in all shapes and sizes being the most common.

About the position:
Expected to design projects, create work instructions and provide guidance and oversight to less experienced developers and cadets. In-between leadership tasks you will personally tackle more complex programming challenges.
To match our diverse range of projects we’re looking for someone with a similar diversity of experience across work and life. If you have had several positions or your work history has had you tackling lots of challenges across business, workflow, financial, commerce and big data then we’d like to hear from you. Similarly if you are entrepreneurial, have business savvy, aspirations to CTO and want to progress away from coding and into management then we would really like to hear from you.