2018.12.11 18:00 [Sydney] Rorosyd - Ruby or Rails User Group Sydney

Rorosyd - Ruby or Rails User Group Sydney

When: December 11, 2018 at 18:00
Where: Airtasker - Level 3, 71 York St, Sydney
RSVPs: 59

It is the final ROROSyd for the year, so come and celebrate with us and partake in some delicious food and drink, and fill your head with enough knowledge to keep you thinking in Ruby over the year-end break!

Our final line up of talks for 2018 are:

Full length talks (15 min)

- Introduction to Hanami - Daniel Deng
- File Uploading with ActiveStorage in Rails 5.2 - Hemanth Haridas :: @hhemanth

Lightning talks (5 min)

- Exercism: Pangram - David Armour :: @DavArmour


Want to speak at RORO event? Tell us about what you want to present here! https://github.com/rails-oceania/roro/issues

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