Ruby Australia - Committee Meetings Nov 2019 & Jan 2020

Just a note from the committee that we realise there are no published minutes for the committee meetings held on 19th November 2019 and 21st January 2020. We’re usually pretty good at recording these Zoom sessions, but it seems the files have gone missing - and, especially with January - we fell behind due to the busyness of RubyConf AU in February and then the challenges of COVID-19 from March onwards. :disappointed:

Looking back through the agendas from both of those meetings, it’s clear that a lot of the discussion was focused around preparation for RubyConf AU 2020, including confirming and then liaising with sponsors. There was also discussions about seeking expressions of interest for the 2021 edition of the conference (which has since been postponed), and continued efforts to gather Meetup accounts for Ruby events across the country into a single account (to save on Meetup fees, and so Ruby Australia is paying for those costs directly).

We apologise for dropping the ball. We like to be as transparent and accountable as possible, and shall endeavour to do a better job. As always, any questions around this or anything else related to the organisation are very much welcome - please do get in touch!

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