Ruby Australia AGM Minutes Nov 2022

Nov 28, 2022


Pat Allan
Nick Wolf
Mark Glossop
Sharon Vaughan
Kirsten Comandich
Nadia Vu
Lee Sheppard
Michael Rixon
Kevin Garcia-Fernandez
Lauren Hennessy 
Mat Button


Meeting began at 7:05pm AEST.
Introduction (Pat Allan)

Acknowledgement of Country.
Introduction of Ruby Australia, and of Pat as host.
Outlining the approach for online meetings - using raised hand feature to ask a question.
Introducing the rest of the committee.

Ratify Previous GM Minutes

From May, 2022.
Use the Yes/No feature to vote.
Motion passes without dissent.

President’s Report (Nick Wolf)

President for the past twelve months.
We've managed to set a date and begin the organization for RubyConf 2023 thanks to the efforts of our committee and sponsors. 
We are currently looking to organize more RailsCamps and are seeking volunteers to help

No questions for Nick.
Treasurer’s Report (Nick Wolf)

We have 30K in our transaction account as of the end of October and 83K in our Saving account as of the end of October. This collectively represents the our total funds for use for next year’s Conf.
We anticipate expending a large sum of this for RubyConf 2023


No questions

Sponsorship (Mark Glossop)

Companies have been keen to sponsor in anticipation of RubyConf 2023
The new Prospectus is out now. 

No questions for Mark.


No further questions.
RubyConf AU (Nick Wolf)

Deb has been leading the organization of RubyConf 2023

Meetups (Nick Wolf)

Nick: Meetups have returned to regular monthly in person events. 

No questions on meetups.
Elections (Pat Allan)

Most roles are twelve month terms.
Some elections happen at the SGMs (April/May), some at the AGMs (Oct/Nov) to ensure there’s overlap in terms, and knowledge/context sharing.
Four roles up for election: Pres, (Treasurer is outstanding), and two General Members. All one year terms except for Treasurer which is two years.
Nominations can be for yourself or someone else. Anyone nominated must be on this call to accept.
Votes only required if more than one candidate per position.


-The president’s role is to guide the overall direction of the organisation, delegate work to other committee members, and make sure the committee runs smoothly. We generally expect this role to be 5+ hours a week, and it is a 12 month position.
Lauren nominates Nick for reelection, Nadia seconds, and Nick accepts. No other nominations, Nick is reelected unopposed.


The secretary’s role is to maintain the formal legal and governance obligations of running the association. We generally expect this role to be 3-4 hours a week, and it is a 12 month position.
  -  Nick nominates Michael, Mark seconds, Michael accepts, there are no other nominations, Michael is elected. 

General Members x2

General members are tasked with supporting the current needs of the organisation in various ways. They could be focused on things like a website or sponsorship, social media, other member communication. The general goal is to utilise the strengths and interests of every member to their best effect and generally give them autonomy over what they do. Time commitment is 2-3 hours a week and these are 12-month terms.
The general members whose terms have finished are Lee, and Matt.
Nick: nominates Lee for reelection, Mark seconds.
Nick: nominates Tarun for election, Mark seconds.
Sharon nominates Kirsten for election for the 6 month general member position. Nick seconds. Kirsten Accepts.
No other nominations. Lee, Tarun and Kirsten are elected unopposed.

General Business


Meeting closed at 7:51PM AEDT.