Ruby Australia - Committee Meeting - June 16th 2020


  • Mark Glossop
  • Mathew Button
  • Ryan Bigg
  • Kieran Andrews
  • Pat Allan
  • Lee Shepard


  • Rachel Goodenough
  • Aaron Moodie

1. Regular Business
a. Finances (RB)
– No news

b. RubyConf
– No news

c. Rails Camp (KA)
– Probably going to move camp to 2021

d. Rails Girls (LS)
– In contact with Rails Girls Poland, would like to try something but not in the current environment

e. Meets
– No updates

2. Occasional Business
a. Website
– Asked new committee members to add themselves to the RubyAU website AGAIN

b. Sponsorship (AM)
– Email to sponsors went out, waiting for feedback

3. Irregular Business
a. Minutes Backlog
– Need volunteers to take on the backlog of minutes that we’re missing.

b. Repository of knowledge
– No place for all the accumulated knowledge of the committee.

@Cueball_AU when I started on committee 3 years ago, we also identified that problem. That year committee switched to using forum and it worked very well for us. All main committee discussions were moved from slack to forum. Discussions became written and async. Before that committee was relying on slack chats and meetings, so when I started there was close to none knowledge transferred and it took me 6 months to get up to speed.

We had these categories:

Docs & Guides
Documentation and guides to spread the knowledge and experience through the community.

Committee category is for work and topics which are related to committee of Ruby Australia. While committee also has private forum category which only them can see, not all discussion should be private and can benefit to be public.

Committee only
Private knowledge only visible to the current committee members

This category is about meetings in Ruby Australia. Meeting minutes will be posted here after each meeting.