Ruby Australia AGM 2018 - Draft Agenda

Hello all! As you may have heard, Ruby Australia’s annual general meeting is coming up in a couple of weeks, on the Sunday afternoon of Rails Camp Hobart. The AGM is a chance for the committee to report back to you, the community, on what we’ve been up to and the current state of the association.

The Ruby Australia constitution says that you have the right to attend the meeting, even if not attending the camp, or to appoint a proxy to speak and vote on your behalf. In order to make that more feasible, we’re publishing a draft agenda for the AGM to give you a chance to look it over, discuss, and if necessary appoint your proxies.

Note that the constitution as it stands specifically states that members “will not be able to participate in the meeting by the use of technology”. In-person attendance or the use of proxies are your options for participation. A proposal is on the agenda to change this, see below.

  • Welcome and acknowledgement of traditional owners
  • President’s report (Toby)
  • Treasurer’s report (Ryan, via Nick)
  • RubyConf 2019 report (Pat)
  • Rails Camp Brisbane report (Caitlin)
  • Rails Camp Hobart report (Toby)
  • RC25 - tentative plan is for Perth, normal schedule would see it happen April/May, we do not yet have an organiser and we’re seeking expressions of interest (Toby)
  • New business:
    • Toby: proposal to move camps to an annual schedule rather than six-monthly. Opposite schedule to conf, between August and October. Make them events again.
    • Toby/Sharon: proposal to have Rails Girls happen on a fixed schedule, and on the same date in every city. Rails Girls has not received the first class treatment that confs/camps/ROROs have, and they’re too important to be neglected.
    • Mel: proposes that there be a method by which people not present at camp can participate in general meetings and vote on issues raised, as well as in the election. Note: this would require a change to the Ruby AU constitution, which cannot be voted on at this AGM due to Victorian law.
  • Election for President, Secretary and two General Members (all terms 12 months). No nominations for any position received to date.