Remote/flexible ruby on rails developer (preferably on east coast of Australia, or working east coast hours)

Title: [Job] contract/freelance ruby on rails web developer (remote/Australia)

We’re looking for a ruby/rails developer to join a project as a freelance contractor.

The tech stack of the project is:

  • nginx -> passenger -> ruby -> rails -> postgres
  • and there’s quite a substantial JS app running on top of that

You’ll be familiar with Git, CI, and hopefully AWS.

The project is about to launch and we need an additional developer to help us support the release for the next few months. That includes new feature development, updates, improvements, etc.

The pros: you can work from wherever you want, as long as you’re reachable during AEST business hours. We’ll communicate via slack/email/phone. We track issues/feedback/changes in trello. This would probably suit someone based on east coast of Australia.

The cons: we inherited this project from another development team who didn’t do a great job and provided no documentation - so you’re sure to fix more than a few problems, most which you’ll have to troubleshoot yourself to figure out.

Another pro: this will lead to some long term freelance/contract work if all works well and you’re interested in that sort of arrangement.

To apply, just let us know if your familiar with the tech stack, and how much experience. If you’re not familiar with everything give us an indication of how long it would take you to get up to speed.

Also we’ll need to know where you’re based, what hours you could work, and what your hourly rate is.

No recruiters please and no applicants from outside Australia (except maybe NZ, if you were willing to be available AEST hours).


Hey mitchell,
I am interested in it. I’m based in Sydney. I applied this in indeed couple of weeks ago. I was waiting for the call to interview. Anyway, let me know if you’re interested.