[rails-oceania] [Job] Senior RoR Developers

Hi there,

reinteractive https://reinteractive.net/ are a large Ruby on Rails
focused development consultancy. We are a 100% remote team and have our
full time team scattered around World.
We are growing and looking to hire further people to join our team aiming
to increase out Australia based presence.

Position: Senior Level Developers

Location: You will work remotely from home, so anywhere in Australia is
. 1-2 times a year we fly everyone to Sydney for a day long Team Day
where we get a chance to meet, chat and work with each other.

Pay Level: This will vary greatly according to your skill level. We are
accepting great developers. The more skills you have the higher the pay.
So get in touch!

Employment Basis: This is a Full Time position.

Citizenship: You need to be an Australian resident for tax purposes

Recruiters: Not at this stage, thanks :slight_smile:

Description: You will be helping reinteractive develop our client
projects. Sometimes these are green field applications, other times these
are improving existing applications or adding features. We have a pretty
even mix. One of our policies is to rotate developers fairly frequently,
so you’ll be working on many different projects during your time at

Skills: Very strong development skills. We expect a very firm foundation
in Ruby and Ruby on Rails and Javascript, AngularJS, React, EmberJS,
Phoenix or design / front end skills are a big plus. Additional skills /
experience in other languages (such as Go, Rust, C, Java) will also be
appreciated. Strong problem solving skills and the ability to think on
your feet are requirements.

You also need excellent written and spoken English. You will be talking
with clients directly during stand ups and sprint meetings.

We have a project manager who makes sure the project is on track, however
you need to be able to listen, talk and communicate clearly wth an ability
to get your point across & quickly grasp what the client desires.
You also need to be able to encourage a client to avoid a path of
development if it is going to chew up more hours than it is worth.

Perks!!! :

  • All our developers work a 4 day week with 1 day of time a week being
    allocated to Professional development study to upskill - meaning we pay you
    to upskill once day a week.

  • We pay the ticket for any rails camp you go to. We also pay tickets for
    the Annual Ruby Conference.

  • You work from home on a relatively flexible schedule

About us: We bring our client plans to life through well crafted and
maintained software. We are a team of 43 people
https://reinteractive.net/team focused on producing high quality projects
for our clients.

We provide UX, development as well as our OpsCare and CodeCare
https://reinteractive.net/service/code-care services for the maintenance
and support of Ruby on Rails applications. We are the creators of the Ruby
on Rails InstallFest http://railsinstallfest.org/ and Development Hub
https://reinteractive.net/community initiatives and have helped well
almost 1,500 people get introduced to Ruby on Rails over the past few years
and are heavily involved with the Ruby on Rails community sponsoring Rails
Girls, Rails Camps and Ruby Conferences.

You can read more about us on our website https://reinteractive.net/.

How to apply: Send an email to work@reinteractive.net with your details,
some examples of your work and why you think you are the person for the job.