[rails-oceania] [Job]Senior RoR + React engineer to join scaling

Hi everyone, I’m the Software Engineering Manager at Cohort Go and I’m
looking for an experienced RoR dev to join our growing Brisbane team.

Why Cohort Go?
At Cohort, we’re solving tough and interesting problems in the
international education sector.

We focus on automating inefficient processes, improving productivity,
reducing costs and increasing choice. To do this, we’re building our own
modern web-based platform while integrating with banks, insurers and
telcos, just to name a few.

We are a software company so the engineering team is the backbone of our
organisation as everything we do is powered by our technology. Our team is
in a growth phase and we’re looking for strong software engineers who have
a passion for problem-solving and owning technical solutions all the way to

Technology and Tools
At Cohort Go we focus on automation, simplicity, and fast product
turnaround so we pick our technology stack and tools to match.

Our applications use:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • ReactJS
  • Postgres
  • Heroku on AWS (with a recent addition of Kubernetes on Google Cloud
  • CircleCI

Experience with these specific technologies would be great but is not
mandatory. We figure that passionate engineers with similar skills will
pick up new tech without much trouble.

*Why you? *
Key to a healthy engineering team is experienced talent who knows how to
guide the product forward with a keen eye for detail.

You will:

  • enjoy taking a problem right from the initial whisper of an idea
    through to the detailed implementation.
  • understand how to lead the right discussions throughout the
    organisation to ensure we are solving the right problems
  • know that sometimes you just need to take a punt, push something to
    prod, and get the feedback from the real world
  • love dealing with complex solutions, diving in to the depths to in
    order to understand what is going on
  • have a passion for seeing a team grow and improve every day

If you are interested you can respond directly here or head to our careers
page https://cohortgo.com/careers to apply online.

Zac Sky
Software Engineering Manager
Cohort Go