[rails-oceania] [Job] Remote. 4 hours a week - Intermediate

[Oct 2019 update] We’ve had a great dev working with us the last 6 months
but they no longer have the time available. Keen to hear from you if you
think you might be a good fit.

Past applicants welcome.

MyMoneyZen (https://mymoneyzen.com) is an app to empower young women (and
anyone) around their everyday money. Built around the idea “It’s not what
you earn, it’s what you do with it that really counts”, this innovative
online budgeting course provides a series of video lessons with an
interactive worksheet below each lesson.

After the initial work setting up bank accounts and determining weekly
transfers from your main income account your finances become set-and-forget
and you’re always free to spend out your spending account knowing you’re
never dipping into money put aside for your next electricity bill.

There are many clients who love the app, here’s a nice review/overview.

Following my (@richiekhoo) move increasingly into interface design and
running a digital media design studio, I’m looking for an
intermediate/senior ruby developer with experience with React to take over
the small workload on this app that I’m just not having time to work on.

About the role

Remote. 4 hours a week. Choose a regular day/time that suits you.

Would make a great moonlighting side project to bring some extra cash for
travel etc.

Complete the work in your own time, no daily standups.

Rails Backend, React with Redux on the front. Hosted on Heroku.

Quite possibly the friendliest customers you’ll ever work with :slight_smile:

Is this You?

You’ll best suite this role if you are confident with rails and react/redux
and like the thought of working on a small app in your spare time, to help
others and for some extra cash.

You are someone who likes to do good work and move projects forward.

Great if you’re between projects, wanting to work while you travel or

Included in the role is a free subscription to MyMoneyZen.

Do some side work on a rails app, earn extra cash on the side AND finally
get your finances sorted in the process!

Drop me a line

I’d love to chat and see if this might be a fit for you.
Contact: Richie Khoo - evolve2k@gmail.com

Please also include:

How many years of Rails Experience?
Any experience with Redux?
Any experience doing major Rails upgrades?