Mailing address for Ruby AU

Currently we don’t have an official place where we receive mail. Should we? Perhaps a PO Box in Melbourne? CAV currently has my personal home address listed as its contact point.

Australia Post says that their small mailboxes are $129/yr + $25 establishment fee. Seems pretty reasonable!

Good idea.

Can we use PO Box for all mailings? I have a feeling that some mailing still requires residential address. I guess we can start transitioning to PO box and see what could not be done.

I can’t see anything in the association rules that say a physical address is required. I’m asking CA via FB messenger if we can use a PO box and will post the answer when I get it.

Hi Toby

Thank you for contacting us.

The Law is silent on whether a PO Box address is considered a registered addresses in regards to Incorporated Associations.
You may wish to seek some independent legal advice to define the terms surrounding this.

Here is some general information on our website regarding Incorporated Associations, and how to best manage them.

I hope you find this information helpful.

@radar could you please try to change the address and see what it says:

Yes, but first I will need to get a PO Box.

On one of the paper forms (not for our organisation type) it says

Address (must be in Victoria and be a street address)

So was thinking if web version will have similar description as well. Anyway, will leave that to you :slight_smile: