Committee Elections - June 2022

At the forthcoming Special General Meeting for Ruby Australia on June 20th 2022, there will be elections for the roles of Vice President, Secretary, and two General Members in the organisation’s committee.

The role descriptions are below - if you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for the role, please use our form to do so. If you cannot be present at the General Meeting, you must make any nomination submissions ahead of time so they can be confirmed and considered by those present (and indeed, we recommend discussing potential nominations with nominees ahead of time).

Vice President

The Vice President’s chief role is to assist the President in their duties - and to take on their duties when the President is absent. They also can assist other members with their roles as needed.

Expected time required to perform this role: 4-5 hours per week. The term for this position is 12 months.


Responsible for ensuring that formal legal and governance requirements of running an association are maintained.

  • General Support
    • Touch base with the president from time to time and check things are on track. Find this works well to do a couple of days before an upcoming meeting or around the times that anything major happens in the organisation.
  • General Meetings
    • Ensure that Notice for Upcoming General Meetings are sent to members well ahead of time.
    • Give the constitution a once over before the meeting so you are across things that might come up.
    • Ensure that minutes of General Meetings are kept (doesn’t mean you need to record them, you just need to ensure they happen).
    • Ensure Minutes of General Meetings are distributed to members (via the RORO list) as soon as possible after a meeting.
  • Committee Meetings
    • Arrange times for upcoming meetings
    • Chair the meetings.
      • If the Secretary is not available, then the VP can handle it. If the VP isn’t available, then El Prez can handle it.
    • Send everyone a reminder a few days before the meeting
    • Responsible for recording the committee meeting for future viewing.
    • Ensure minutes are kept. May need to refer to the recording of the meeting in order to cover all the minutes. Minutes are kept in this directory within the app. Follow the style of the latest minutes.
  • Lodge Forms
    • Lodge change of Public Officer details forms. This is done at Consumer Affairs Victoria.
    • Lodge notice if any constitutional changes ever occur.
    • Address any non-financial official notices that come to the organisation.
  • Online Access
    • Ensure Domain Names other services are re-registered and paid for
    • Ensure that new committee members have access to any resources they need.
      • Separate from the Web responsible person who is building out web tools
    • Ensure that forwarding of email accounts are updated for new office holders (eg. If the treasurer changes, redirect to their email address)

Time output: 4-5 hours a week.

General Members

General members are tasked with supporting the current needs of the organisation in various ways. They might be focusing on particular aspects of the organisation like the website, sponsorship, social media and other member communication. We try to utilise the strengths and interests of each member to the best effect, and to allow them a fair amount of autonomy in their area of focus.

Expected time required to perform this role: 2-3 hours per week. The term for this position is 12 months.

Again: if you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for the role, please use our form to do so .

And if you’ve any questions about these roles or the committee more generally, please reply here or email and the current committee will be in touch.