[JOB] 🚀 Senior Ruby/Rails Developer - Melbourne or Location Independent

[Job] :rocket: Full Time Senior Ruby/Rails Developer (Melbourne or remote/location independent)

Looking to work in a small, agile team on startup products that make a difference? Want to leave behind legacy code and work on fresh, greenfield projects using the right tech?

Moonshot Labs is a startup technology incubation team. We take a user-focused approach to crafting web and mobile products using lean principles.

You can see some of our previous work here: http://moonshotlabs.io

We’re looking for an awesome ruby dev to join the team.

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: We…

  • are a small distributed team, location independent but headquartered at Inspire9 coworking space in Melbourne Australia
  • work in an agile manner on a bunch of client projects along with a product or two of our own
  • are passionate about the Ruby community
  • regularly release open-source gems extracted from the apps we build
  • regularly share our wisdom at (and attend) tech, web and startup events
  • ship (and more and more often, via continuous deployment)

:raising_hand_woman: You will…

  • gain experience working automonous in a team
  • be part of a team with a startup-vibe, working on a product people care about
  • work across agile tools and processes including a 2-week sprint structure, code reviews and open feature discussions
  • be able to work with progressive developer workflows including continuous integration and deployment, automated tests and a modern tech stack
  • have your opinion heard, and contribute to the product, processes and culture of the team
  • be celebrated for your contribution and expertise

:star2: The superstar we have in mind…

  • has 4 years or equivalent development experience
  • has been coding with professionally with Ruby and Rails for at least 2 years
  • has experience with RSpec and TDD
  • experience with Git Flow branch model
  • experience with agile development workflows
  • is okay with coding a bit of Javascript every now and then
  • is passionate about writing well-tested, elegant Ruby code
  • is a continual learner and open to new concepts and ideas

The position is a full-time 3-month initial contract transitioning into permanent, and location independent. We’re keen to have you start sooner rather than later.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you via nathan@moonshotlabs.io

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