[Job] Ruby on Rails developer, part-time contract (Remote)

What’s the job?

We’re looking for a part-time contractor to implement third-party integrations to our existing Rails app.

Our backend rails application is the core of our platform, where wholesalers manage their products, customers, orders, profile and integrations. The rails app also serves APIs for our two client apps (iPad and web).

We currently offer integrations for accounting software MYOB and Xero to our wholesaler users. These have been very well received and we have well-defined projects in the pipeline to add more, firstly Zapier.

The MYOB and Xero integration implementations are well documented, and you’ll be working alongside another backend developer who has been with us for over five years and has deep knowledge of the system.

Stack and services

Ruby on Rails, MySQL, RSpec, ActiveAdmin, Sidekiq, BugSnag, Scout, Docker, AWS, Linode.

Who is Fieldfolio?

Fieldfolio is a Melbourne based company offering a B2B ecommerce platform for wholesalers, retailers and sales reps. We’ve grown from a simple sales and ordering system centred around an iPad app for in-the-field sales (hence our name Fieldfolio ), to a rapidly growing wholesale platform with our web-based marketplace.

The Fieldfolio team has been remote from day one. We are currently working from Australia and Germany.

Experience we’re looking for

Over four years experience working with Ruby on Rails applications, implementing well-tested business logic and user interfaces. Prior experience with ecommerce platforms, RSpec, Sidekiq and Zapier is an advantage.

Available for ongoing remote contract / freelance work between 60 and 80 hours per month (around two to three days a week).

In addition to feature development, the work also involves ongoing maintenance and bug fixes.

What’s on our roadmap

After shipping the Zapier integration for our users, integrating the Mailchimp API to manage our mailing lists is next.

The next phase of our product development involves building out APIs for new client applications currently in the early concept stages.

Get in touch

Introduce yourself by sending an email to jobs@fieldfolio.com, attaching a resume, along with your hourly rate and links to projects, online profiles or a personal website.

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